Monday, June 16, 2014

Like Epic Orchestral Metal? You'd Better Stream This Septicflesh Bonus Track, "Dogma of Prometheus", Right Now

Septicflesh is streaming a bonus track off the deluxe version of Titan entitled "Dogma of Prometheus". "Epic" is a term I reserve for only the most truly epic of metal and THIS, my friend, overqualifies the meaning of the word.

You can stream the song at this location. It features the ethereally lovely and intense Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir and has a few beautifully haunting operatic moments thrown into the mix as well, making this one big giant musical orgasm that both metalheads and muggles can enjoy.

This song got me to thinking, though. Being one of the biggest history nerds around, I seem to remember way back when at the height of its popularity that classical music (or as I like to call it, classical metal, because if you've ever heard anything of that era you know that shit is metal as fuck) was somewhat a required interest if you counted yourself among the upper echelons of society or possessed significant wealth.

As time has progressed since, however, it seems that somewhere around the period of America's first big cultural revolution started to slowly take hold, where more modern perspectives were adopted and new types of music emerged around the turn of the century, they stopped caring about the quality of music.

They increasingly cared only about what was "edgier", more "modern". They wanted what was new and exciting, no matter how terrible it was. Mind you, on a much lesser scale than what is accepted nowadays (like the collective celebrity ass-kissing that defend the psychotic outbreaks of Miley Cyrus that she calls a tour as "art") but it's been happening ever since classical music went out of style and gotten exponentially worse.

Now we have lived in a world for some time that promotes to the masses only the bands with the largest purses, the bands that make people hate-watch them and the bands/artists that really have no talent for anything artistic whatsoever, masquerading around as legitimate and "deep" for having a stage canvassed with giant lollipops or teddy bears as they would look to someone on acid.

We can still turn this around, people! Next time you're at a hoity-toity business meeting or lunch with colleagues/friends who may have lost touch with what really exceptional music sounds like, pop this on. When they ask who wrote this song, proudly say, "Oh, well Septicflesh actually released this as a bonus track on a recent album... It features the Prague Philharmonic. Aren't they just divine?"

Instant promotion. You're welcome.

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