Tuesday, June 3, 2014

GWAR's Dave Brockie Toxicology Report Determined Oderus Succumbed to a Heroin Overdose

Dave Brockie, aka Oderus Urungus of GWARThe toxicology report for Dave Brockie of GWAR finally came back, and the results are sad indeed yet somewhat expected.

They have concluded his death was the result of an accidental heroin overdose.

The police had found evidence prior to this report's release of Brockie's heroin use, but it's another blow to those who remember him fondly and a reminder of how serious a plague it is becoming. His friends must have feared this would happen and were worried about him before his death.

GWAR-B-Q is still a go, and so is Oderus' viking funeral the night before.

At least fans will have a small bit of closure from knowing what really took him down, and at least his struggles with that horrible stuff are at an end. If only it had ended in a less tragic way.

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