Monday, June 23, 2014

Eyehategod Victims of Theft in St. Louis

EYEHATEGODSurprise, surprise.

It seems Eyehategod became the newest victims of a van break-in on the evening of their June 18th show in - you guessed it - St. Louis.

What is it about that city that makes people want to thieve? I dunno. I'd bring along an extra body to stand watch with all the robberies that have been befalling bands there recently (case in point, Rivers of Nihil in May).

The band released this official statement:

"Hey folks - wanted to put this out there in case anybody can help that last Wednesday June 18th in St. Louis, MO our van was broken into while we were on stage. Brian's computer bag with all of his earnings from the tour as we'll as his iPad and various items were taken as well as their Booking Agent\TM's (Zac Ohler) computer and personal bag and drummer Aaron Hill's. Brian's losts total in the thousands. This is a huge blow and if anybody knows anything or can offer help would be amazing."

Poor Brian Patton. Hopefully they can get some gear recovered - and some of that hard-earned money that's now out the window thanks to some selfish twats in misery Missouri.

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