Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Exmortus Stars in Virgin Mobile Commercial

California's Exmortus was featured recently in this commercial for Virgin Mobile (which I first saw yesterday) and I'm beginning to wonder why there aren't more commercials like this?

There were inevitably some who claimed these guys are "selling out" in doing this commercial. For them, I have this to say in their defense: Virgin Mobile fucking rules. Having had them for many years, they are absolutely the best company to do your mobile phone dealings with - I mean, for fuck's sake, one time when I was out of work they gave me a free month (worth $50 for the plan I had at the time) just because they could. If ever they asked me, I'd happily endorse the shit out of them.

Another thing is they didn't play some sugar-coated little punk/pop hybrid to appease a broader audience, they were playing some fucking metal. "Selling out" is more a term that is fit for someone who changes something fundamental about them or their music/art solely because they believe it will generate a higher profit. They didn't change their formula at all, and their lyrics were just stating the facts of the service they're endorsing.

So kudos to you, guys of Exmortus. Those suckling at the teats of what is mainstream need all the exposure to metal they can get to free them of living under the tyranny of the whims of the wealthy. (Translation: Perhaps it will snap them out of their Cyrus-induced stupor and make them realize there's a whole world of better music out there).

Here's hoping we start seeing more metal bands where they deserve to be - under the spotlight.

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