Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cradle of Filth Swapped Out A Few Members Back in April, Everyone Just Finding Out About It

CRADLE OF FILTHI guess MetalSucks wasn't aware that one of the most talented and impressive bands in existence (at least in my opinion, clearly not theirs), Cradle of Filth, has changed every single band member aside from Dani Filth at least once or twice since the band began in 1991.


Anyway, it's official, Paul Allender (who is an incredibly nice guy and took to talking to fans in the article's comments) is out of CoF. He's focusing his attentions on this project for the time being:

This however, is nothing new for the band. They've had a multitude of different members since the very start - everyone is at the whim of Dani Filth and what direction he feels like taking the project. It's in good hands, anyway, and he seems to be doing it to ensure the longevity of Cradle of Filth. The band won't dissolve just because one, two or all of the members aside from Filth himself are replaced.

It used to be a common practice for him to use a completely different lineup of musicians whenever a new album was to be made, in the beginning.

So yeah, don't worry too much. They'll be completely fine.

The one thing that bums me out a little, though, is that the authors of the article on MetalSucks never heard about it because they "aren't fans". They're really missing out!

I bet if they listened to just one of their albums (particularly their earlier ones and their 2nd to last release, which was my favorite thus far), they would be fans. A stigma surrounds this band that makes it unacceptable for insecure guys to say publicly that they like them.

I get that they have some parts to their songs that are just plain weird, but the mastery in between overshadows all the odd-fitting riffs scattered sparsely throughout. There isn't a band out there now who can produce riffs or lyrics like they have done - Dani Filth has a vocabulary that would impress even the most pompous literary snobs, and a way with those words that rivals the artistry of Shakespeare.

Every riff is meticulously thought out and painstakingly arranged so that it is no less then absolutely perfect when played from start to finish. Take anything away and the whole thing falls apart. That kind of song structure requires a pretty high IQ.

Yet there's still so much hate for this band. I'll never understand why. Perhaps it's too complex for some? Idk. Different strokes.

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