Monday, June 30, 2014

Cannibal Corpse Releasing New Album This Fall

Cannibal Corpse just announced they will be releasing a new album entitled A Skeletal Domain this fall (possibly on or around September 16th)!

Fuck yeah! It seems like it's been a while since they've put out something new, hasn't it? Hopefully it is worthy of our stoke-ded-ness (not actually a real word, but the point is clear enough).

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Darkest Hour FINALLY Sets Release Date For New Album, Teaser Clip Posted

Mike 'Lonestar' Carrigan, guitarist - DARKEST HOURFucking finally! It was incredible and mind-blowing seeing them live a while back at The Fillmore Silver Spring, and I've been piqued with anticipation for the new album they were talking a bit about at the after-party that night (and had played a couple of new tracks from during their set).

Well, that wait is now almost over! Darkest Hour will be releasing their new album on August 5th!

Dez Fafara of DevilDriver is Fine, Upstanding Metal Citizen, Won't Stand For Crowdsurfer Groping

Dez Fafara of DEVILDRIVERNice guy Dez Fafara of DevilDriver is 100% supportive of Staind frontman Aaron Lewis' recent mid-song rant during a festival show in Kansas City against audience members who were groping a teenage girl as she surfed the pit.

In a recent interview with Rockersphere, Dez said he was in agreement with Lewis and had this to say on the subject of creepy gropers getting handsy in the "safety" of a large crowd.

MetalSucks Is Getting It All Wrong About Bruce Dickinson

This is more or less an open letter to MetalSucks.

First off, I begin with saying I completely respect them 100%. I like their blog. I support them and wish them no ill will.

However - this particular article is just a little bit insulting to those of us who are familiar with and sing opera. The author of this piece, Axl Rosenberg, seems to think that calling someone an "opera" singer is a fucking insult.

Therefore, as of right now, I'm having a BIG problem with the guy who is alleging these things as truths and continually working to distort the statement Bruce Dickinson made (and probably now regrets, with the number of people taking it as a personal attack instead of seeing it for what it is with the help of sensationalist headlines and a lack of people who actually go and read the entire article).

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Young And In The Way Tries To Be Watain at Asheville, NC Bar

Lexington Ave Brewery, Asheville NC (photo: Fox News 8)

The Lexington Avenue Brewery played host to a show that hoped to achieve the killer grotesqueness of Watain's recent NY appearance at Saint Vitus.

Instead, the band in question made complete asses of themselves and caused the bar's four dozen or so employees to be out of work for several days while they had their venue properly cleaned to the County Health Department's standards.

Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden Makes Accurate Statements About Punk Music, Gets Words Twisted By Media

Bruce Dickinson of IRON MAIDENBruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden had made these comments a few days ago. I had not intended to write on it, as I expected people would see through the click-bait headlines and realize he was just telling it like it is.

Unfortunately, I was mistaken... there are now a whole lot of people are up in arms over his skewed expression of his feelings towards punk music. Let me attempt to clarify for everyone what he's trying to say, and then you may go about making your judgments and assumptions.

Cannabis Corpse Announces Midwestern Tour

CANNABIS CORPSEDamn. No dates for this area. Sorry guys.

Fortunately, those of you that live in Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas or Missouri will be able to catch Cannabis Corpse between July 29th and August 5th. See flyer for all the dates.

They'd better keep their shit on lockdown when they pass through Fubar in St. Louis, though...

Exmortus Stars in Virgin Mobile Commercial

California's Exmortus was featured recently in this commercial for Virgin Mobile (which I first saw yesterday) and I'm beginning to wonder why there aren't more commercials like this?

Monday, June 23, 2014

New Releases Today From Allegaeon, Emperor, Corrosion of Conformity, Mastodon, Septicflesh and Many, Many More

ALLEGAEONToday's a big day - new albums from Mastodon, Allegaeon, Corrosion of Conformity, and Septicflesh are just a few of the highly-anticipated releases coming out this Tuesday.

Maryland Deathfest Set To Announce First Round of Confirmed Bands for MDF XIII


Maryland Deathfest will be announcing the very first round of confirmed bands for next year's MDF XIII (May 21-24, 2015) on Tuesday, July 15th.

Early bird passes will also be available that day, though no word yet on a specific time.

Eyehategod Victims of Theft in St. Louis

EYEHATEGODSurprise, surprise.

It seems Eyehategod became the newest victims of a van break-in on the evening of their June 18th show in - you guessed it - St. Louis.

Slayer Announces Tour w/Suicidal Tendencies, Exodus


Slayer has announced they'll be touring with Suicidal Tendencies and Exodus.

No dates for VA or MD, though. A couple dates for PA, and one for Albany. That's it for our region. Here's the complete list.

King Diamond Is, In Fact, Going On Tour!


King Diamond just announced he will be touring late this fall in the US, and his second stop will be at The Fillmore Silver Spring on October 13th! HELL FUCKING YES!! ALL HAIL THE KING!!!

Complete list of dates are below:

New Video From November's Doom, "Just Breathe"


November's Doom is getting ready to release Bled White, their ninth studio album and follow up to Apothic, via The End Records.

They've posted a new track from the album entitled "Just Breathe", which you can stream below - and I highly suggest you do so.

Great track. Many people are understandably chomping at the bit for this release!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Evergrey Reveals Album Artwork for "Hymns For The Broken"

EVERGREY - Hymns For The Broken
Evergrey is coming forth with a new album entitled Hymns For The Broken on September 26th and have just revealed the cover art and track listing for their newest completed work.

They also intend to release the very first single/video, "King of Errors", on August 15th. The album was mixed by Jacob Hansen, who has worked previously with Volbeat, Amaranthe, and many others.

Dragonforce Streaming New Video From New Album Dropping in August

DRAGONFORCEAh, I've really missed Dragonforce. Their epic and mind-meltingly agile signature style of power metal returns with the release of their new album, Maximum Overload, this August - and with the debut of this video of a track of said album, "The Game" (featuring Matt Heafy of Trivium!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

YouTube Changes May Block Artists/Labels That Don't Agree To New Terms

Be forewarned, local bands. If you want your YouTube videos to remain intact and your account usable, you don't have any choice but to agree to their new terms and conditions that are now being thrust upon users who promote their music with the website.

This applies to all artists and musicians, regardless of genre; from big names like Jack White and Adele to mid-size and underground bands such as Cammo Shorts, A Sound of Thunder and Vitality. If you don't sign up for their streaming music services, you don't get to play ball. Period.

New Video From Misery Index, "The Calling"


Misery Index, born of Baltimore's underground and now enjoying worldwide success with their newest album, The Killing Gods, have premiered a new video for one of the tracks from the EP, "The Calling"

Visceral Disgorge Guitarist & Original Member Steve Rosenzweig Found Dead


A short while ago, Baltimore-based brutal death metal group Visceral Disgorge announced that one of their original members, Steve Rosenzweig, was found dead on this morning.

No other details are available at this time. The band made the following statement on their bandmate's passing.

The New Shirts From Grethor Are Here!

New shirts from GRETHOR are here!The wait is finally over for the new shirts from darkly blackened death-ers Grethor - and the artwork is fucking superb!

Considering the man behind the imagery is the prolific macabre/metal artiste Mark Riddick (RIDDICKART) of Leesburg, Virginia, who recently illustrated a new shirt design for The Black Dahlia Murder, is it really any surprise?

Monday, June 16, 2014

At The Gates Pre-Production Update

AT THE GATESSwedish death metallers At the Gates announced yesterday that they have just wrapped up pre-production work for their upcoming album, At War With Reality.

Recording is set to begin next week.

Like Epic Orchestral Metal? You'd Better Stream This Septicflesh Bonus Track, "Dogma of Prometheus", Right Now

Septicflesh is streaming a bonus track off the deluxe version of Titan entitled "Dogma of Prometheus". "Epic" is a term I reserve for only the most truly epic of metal and THIS, my friend, overqualifies the meaning of the word.

Kendall Jenner Wears Slayer Shirt, Which Would Be Cool If She Didn't Hate Metal

Kendall Jenner is certainly a 'poser' in this scenario, but the implications for metal may yet be goodStumbled across this gem on MetalSucks - apparently one of the younger siblings of an amateur-porn-star-turned-baby-mamma, Kendall Jenner, donned a Slayer shirt during an appearance at a music video awards ceremony in Canada.

The internet, of course, reacted with a mix of "who cares", "leave the poor girl alone", and "blah blah POSER blah blah blah irrelevant bullshit".

The reality of the situation, IMO, is that there is truth to all the points people have given in response to this, and the implications are both good and bad. Let me explain why.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Condition Critical Streaming New Video


NJ thrashers Condition Critical debuted a new video yesterday for the track "Parasitic Torment". Check it out!

Westboro Baptist Church Tries To Spin The Panzerfaust Pissing Incident In Their Favor, Fails

In response to my story of the infamous Panzerfaust pissing incident that recently occurred at the Westboro Baptist Church, I received the following tweet from their house of ill-repute, attempting to try and turn the tables on our perception of the incident (something many Christians fancy themselves the experts at) and spin it to somehow work in their favor:

As Chief Grady put it in the movie Super Troopers... "Desperation is a stinky cologne."

Now HERE Are Some Good Fucking Cello/Strings Metal Covers

APOCALYPTICA - one of many supremely talented metal bands on strings

Metal Injection posted an article today (and has posted many in recent weeks) about a great cello cover by Break of Reality of Tool's "Lateralus".

You're in the right direction, MI... even though they've literally been out for years getting no recognition for their awesomeness ("they" being the many incredible bands and groups that do amazing metal covers as well as breathtakingly beautiful and intense original songs), glad you're just getting into the world of metal on strings.

Take, for instance, my first example. The greatest metal string quartet that ever graced the earth - Apocalyptica. Here below is a live version of their cover of Sepultura's "Refuse/Resist":

Thursday, June 12, 2014

New Video from Eyehategod


Here is "Medicine Noose" from the supremely heavy New Orleans-based group Eyehategod's newest video:

Insomnium, Dark Tranquility Tour is Coming in January! Am I Dreaming?

INSOMNIUMI must have died and gone to a metal utopia because Insomnium is going on tour with Dark Tranquility in January 2015!

Even better, we are their second stop in North America; mark your calendars and get your asses to Empire in Springfield, VA on January 5th!

Here's all the dates.

Arch Enemy, Kreator, Huntress Announce Tour Dates For This Fall

ARCH ENEMY, KREATOR, HUNTRESS, STARKILL fall tourArch Enemy just released War Eternal and are kicking things off by announcing a tour with Kreator, Huntress and Starkill.

Here are all the dates, with the first being right here in our area at the Baltimore Soundstage in Maryland October 23rd!

MindMaze Reveals Cover Art for Upcoming Album, "Back From The Edge"

MINDMAZE - Back From The Edge

MindMaze has revealed the cover art for their forthcoming album, Back From The Edge!

Feared Streaming Fucking Phenomenal New Track, "Sun Awake Part II"

FEARED - Vinter

Holy shit, this fucking song is the heaviest, most glorious thing I've heard in ages!

I'm not even kidding. Open this up and stream this shit, right now! I had to listen to this thing twice. It's fucking phenomenal. Feared is incredible.

Alestorm Streaming New Video! Argh, Mateys!

ALESTORM - Sunset on the Golden AgeFinally! Alestorm has put out their first official video for "Drink" off their upcoming album, Sunset on the Golden Age (to be released on August 5th). Check it out!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Eluveitie Streaming New Track From Forthcoming Album, "Origins"


Oh boy... if you love folk metal, you're in for a treat.

Check out the new track, "King", off Eluveitie's upcoming album Origins, due out August 1st.

Skeletonwitch Headlining Fall Tour ft. Ghoul & Black Anvil

SKELETONWITCHSkeletonwitch will be headlining a tour this autumn with support coming from Ghoul and Black Anvil.

The dates for our area, of which there are three (two in PA, one at Empire in Springfield, VA), are emboldened. No word yet on local openers.

Arch Enemy Debuts New Video From "War Eternal"

ARCH ENEMY - War EternalArch Enemy is back with a fourth new video from their album, War Eternal.

I love you guys, I really do... but what's going on with this one? It seems so discordant and doesn't flow at all. Alissa, we all know you're awesome, why the need to overdo your makeup in the majority of the videos featuring the band thus far? And what's up with the lyrics?

November's Doom Streams New Single, "Heartfelt"

NOVEMBER'S DOOM - Bled WhiteMournful doomers from Chicago November's Doom put out this single a couple days ago on IO from their upcoming album, Bled White.

Those of you who favor Woods of Ypres, mid-period Katatonia or Paradise Lost - you know, the really delightfully bleak, heavy, melodrama-metal type stuff - will really enjoy this.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Godsmack Premieres First Single Off New Album "1000hp"

GODSMACK - click to buy 1st single off new album from iTunes

Here it is, the first single from Godsmack off their sixth studio album, 1000hp:

New Albums Out Today From Arch Enemy, The Atlas Moth, Body Count and more

ARCH ENEMY - War EternalHere are all your metal/rock releases slated for today:

The Return of Reticle

RETICLEOh shit! The second coming of local metal phenomenon Reticle is at hand... get ready.

These guys were huge back when I was first getting acquainted with the metal scene around here. One day they just sort of vanished, like a fog melting in a sunrise, and we haven't heard a word about the project since.

Until now.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Metal Band Pisses on Westboro Baptist Church

Panzerfaust pissing on the Westboro Baptist Church (photo: Loudwire)The band Panzerfaust (who I had never heard of before today but will definitely be looking into after this) apparently took a nice, long piss all over the ideological idiots of Westboro Baptist Church.

Well, not exactly them as in the fucksticks that make up the protesters, or congregation, or pew-fillers or whatever Christians call themselves these days. No... they made a pilgrimage to the region of the church itself and found themselves "within pissing distance" of its pathetic, hate-filled walls and did what any good metalhead would do - pissed all over it.

Lots of Metal: This Weekend in the DC/MD/VA/WV/PA Underground

IRIS DIVINE (photo: Light of Night Photography)Wow! What a weekend this was for metal in the area. As has been the norm the past few weeks due to the sorry condition of my transport vessel awaiting repair, I regrettably couldn't make it out to any of the incredible shows to my chagrin.

Thankfully, the internet is a thing these days and not only can I vicariously live through the photos, videos and stories of the evening - you can, too!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Rabbl - the Company That Pits Local Bands Against Each Other For Stage Time

Here is a brilliantly written article by Matt Cohen bringing to light the new method DC venue The Pinch is utilizing to book local bands, wherein they are subjected to a competition of sorts to be able to secure a show date at the bar.

Crowdfunding, at least Rabbl's version of it, has gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Origin Put Out a New Video... and it's Blowing People's Minds

ORIGIN - Omnipresent (due July 8th)These crazy tech-death fuckers from Kansas known as Origin have released a new lyric video for the track "All Things Dead" off their forthcoming album, Omnipresent (due out July 8th here in the states via Nuclear Blast, and July 4th in Europe via Agonia Records).

Since it was posted on May 20th, it's been blowing people's fucking minds. Check it out and you'll understand why:

Insult To Injury Vocalist "Cuts Ties" With Band


Pittsburgh-based Insult To Injury has parted ways with vocalist Marc Liscio.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New Album From Pallbearer Due Out in August

Can I just say how much I love this picture of them?

Down to business... Pallbearer will be releasing a new album entitled "Fountains of Burden" on August 19th (22nd/25th for those of you across the pond, late August in Japan) via the legendary (and thoroughly metal) label Profound Lore Records.

New Video From Epica, "Unchain Utopia"

Simone Simons of EPICAThis originally came out about a week ago, but having just managed to grab an opportunity to watch it without distraction..

Holy gods, this was a wonderful video and an incredible song.

Killer Be Killed - Studio-Only Project?

Killer Be Killed might not ever play live! At least not for a while, anyway. The band has announced no such plans to do anything along those lines.

They released their official video for "Wings of Feather and Wax" (a play on the old Greek story of Icarus, in which we learn the valuable lesson of flying too close to the sun using wings your father made for you from some wax, string, and feathers will cause you to fall into the Mediterranean and subsequently die, or in simpler terms as the lyrics more portray, just don't get cocky) today and since you're already here, why not give it a listen?

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy Suffers Broken Ribs - and Still Performs! Fuckin' Metal \m/

Alissa White-GluzAlissa White-Gluz is one tough fuckin' chick. This just goes to show you how much musicians love their craft, how far we are all willing to go in order to do that which we love - and how resilient metal chicks can be.

No more excuses for disrespect or caterwauling about how lame chicks are in metal. If you've ever dismissed a female from your band audition, skipped a show because there were one or many female-fronted bands on the bill, or didn't take some chick seriously when she said she was a musician because of a pre-existing bias to their gender, read this and shut the fuck up.

The Arch Enemy vocalist had apparently "crashed into a stage riser" (according to Loudwire) and sustained a few broken ribs.

Body Count Releases Badass Rap Metal Video #2 - "Bitch in the Pit"

Now this is some fucking fantastic rap metal. Ice-T and the boys of Body Count have released a new video for their ode to the warrior women of the pit, "Bitch in the Pit".

New Video From Testosteroso

TESTOSTEROSOPennsylvania's own comedy rock quartet Testosteroso came out with a new video today for "Chew Toy".

They're a really fun band about "dicks and stuff", and I've heard good things about their live shows.

The Summer Slaughter Tour Announces Two New Stops - One of Them is for Us!!

THE SUMMER SLAUGHTER TOURGood news, everyone! Decrepit Birth just announced that two dates were officially added to The Summer Slaughter Tour, and one of the is for us here in Virginia! Fuck yeah!

On August 12th they'll be at Empire in Springfield, VA. Morbid Angel will not be there for this one, but we'll still have the mighty Goatwhore, Dying Fetus, The Faceless, Origin and lots more, so chances are you won't be leaving disappointed.

GWAR's Dave Brockie Toxicology Report Determined Oderus Succumbed to a Heroin Overdose

Dave Brockie, aka Oderus Urungus of GWARThe toxicology report for Dave Brockie of GWAR finally came back, and the results are sad indeed yet somewhat expected.

They have concluded his death was the result of an accidental heroin overdose.

Cradle of Filth Swapped Out A Few Members Back in April, Everyone Just Finding Out About It

CRADLE OF FILTHI guess MetalSucks wasn't aware that one of the most talented and impressive bands in existence (at least in my opinion, clearly not theirs), Cradle of Filth, has changed every single band member aside from Dani Filth at least once or twice since the band began in 1991.


Overkill Announces Release Dates for New Album, "White Devil Armory"

OVERKILL 'White Devil Armory'Overkill, those crazy Jersey thrasher guys, announced they will be releasing their new album, "White Devil Armory" on July 22nd.

They also have a couple videos filmed as of this past weekend for tracks "Bitter Pill" and "Armorist", though no word yet on when we might see them.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Mastodon Premieres Video For "Chimes At Midnight" Off Upcoming Album "Once More 'Round The Sun"

Here it is, a new one from Mastodon:

Staind Frontman Calls Out Sleazebag Molesters Mid-Song At Show

STAINDThey're not technically metal, I guess, but I've always loved Staind. They were my go-to band when I was a gothed out 18-year-old.

I guess it's partially because the guys in the band seemed like such good dudes. Honest, genuine guys. Very rare in the radio rock scene.

Well, this will give you more reason to love them (and if you don't already, you will). These boys have earned their metal cards as far as I'm concerned.

Iced Earth Won't Be Performing Anywhere This Summer, Bowing Out Due To Health Issues

ICED EARTHJon Schaffer of Iced Earth posted this update, according to The Gauntlet:

Hour of Penance Drop Off Tour with Fleshgod Apocalypse, Septicflesh, Necronomicon Due To Visa Issues

Due to some unforseen problems with their visas, Hour of Penance will not be able to make the North American tour this summer featuring Septicflesh, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and Necronomicon.

They will be replaced with Black Crown Initiate.

The Atlas Moth Streaming New Album, "The Old Believer"

The Atlas Moth is streaming their new album, "The Old Believer", right here via Pitchfork.

I'll have to wait until kiddo takes a nap to get a listen, but fortunately you don't have to! Check this shit out!

Last Night's Game Of Thrones Was Metal As Fuck

Holy shit. Those last five minutes. Holy shit. Spoiler alert!

Oberyn Martell
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