Thursday, May 8, 2014

Vocalist of Amon Amarth Starring in "Northmen - A Viking Saga"

Johan Hegg of AMON AMARTH

In the most awesome story of the day, Amon Amarth vocalist Johan Hegg will be playing the role of "Viking warrior Valli" in the movie "Northmen - A Viking Saga".

Just let that whole sentence sink in for a second....!

Whoever cast this movie is fucking brilliant. Just look at this trailer:

According to Blabbermouth, the international cast includes Tom Hopper ("Knights Of Badassdom", "Black Sails", "Merlin"), Ryan Kwanten ("True Blood", "The Right Kind Of Wrong"), Ken Duken ("Das Adlon", "Inglorious Basterds"), Charlie Murphy ("Philomena", "The Village"), Ed Skrein ("The Sweeney", "Ill Manors", "Game Of Thrones"), Anatole Taubman ("Quantum Of Solace", "The Tudors") and James Norton ("Rush", "Belle").

You see what I fucking mean about brilliant fucking casting?! I only wish they'd named him in this article so I could fucking thank the shit of out him/her right now.

I can't wait to see this! Everyone onboard in making this film is fucking incredible at what they do, so it's safe to say even those who never really seemed interesting in Vikings before will fucking love this, not to mention all of us who feel we were born in the wrong place and time and wish we were vikings.

Fuck winter! The Vikings are coming!! \m/

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