Monday, May 19, 2014

Solstafir Show Scheduled For Tonight Cancelled Last-Minute By Promoter

Bad news for fans of Solstafir hoping to see them tonight at Empire in Springfield, Virginia.

The band posted this statement yesterday saying that the event had been cancelled the day before by the promoter.

I'm guessing this has something to do with the fact that the new management of Empire (formerly Jaxx) hasn't had their shit together for quite some time.

Tons of local bands have had issues with this place ever since ownership changed hands. One of the biggest problems they've had to deal with is having their sets cut short for no clear reason. Perhaps they just overbooked, but if that's the case then the fault still lies with them and bands shouldn't have to suffer for it.

Whatever the circumstances surrounding each instance, I've been hearing a lot lately about bands getting less than decent treatment over there, and that's just not cool.

After all, "Empire" wouldn't be what it is now without all the area metalheads and musicians and the support they've given them over the years.

It's just sad to see shit like this happen, especially when so many people were looking forward to seeing them.

I seriously hope we stop hearing whispers about sets getting cut short and bands getting dicked with by this place and they start treating the musicians that play there with a little more respect.

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