Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Silence The Blind "Dead Inside" Pre-Release Review

Silence The Blind
"Dead Inside"

- 8 out of 10

Just a few weeks from now, Silence The Blind premiers their new album "Dead Inside"! Here is a track-by-track review:

Track 1 - Inside Your Head

I really enjoyed the vocals on this one; they fit so well to music, which I'm noticing is a common trend for Silence the Blind and tells me that their vocalist knows his craft well. The lyrics are a bit more discernible in this one too, which makes it all the more enjoyable. The constant switch of tempos keep you on your toes.

Track 2 - My Spine (Cast You Out)

My favorite track thus far! Lots of emotion in this one, and you're going to want to bang your fucking head. Every single element of the band is on point in this track and there's a couple killer solos that aren't too showy or too boring - they are just right, Goldilocks! These guys really know how to make solid, crowd-pumping, mosh-inspiring metal, and this song is no exception.

Track 3 - Never Repent

Really interesting intro on this one. Danny Boiko will blow you away with the drums from start to finish! They're unpredictable yet they fit so fucking well with everything else. It slows down near the end to give you a second to breathe before picking you right back up and throwing your ass back in the pit!

Track 4 - Dead Song

This track has a great build up, and keeps you guessing throughout. There's a great solo halfway in, which really showcases their skill. Eric Holmes and Danny Villagran are undeniably fantastic guitarists as evidenced by every song on this album. Their high energy carries this one well and gets you pretty pumped, but there's still and element of unpredictability that keeps it from being stale or uninspired, or anything other than just plain awesome.

Track 5 - Nothing Dies Forever

This one gets off to a groovy start, and the vocals runneth over with feels. It has a bit of a more morose feel than the other tracks and stays a bit slower in terms of tempo. There's a nice little Sabbath-y solo about three minutes in which quickly morphs into something with a more Slayer feel to it. I wish there had been more of a melodic sound to some parts that seem to strive for artful disharmony, but at the same time I think that same dissonance they present would sound awesome to someone with slightly different taste than me (since even though I'm a sucker for melodic-y metal, there are tons of others that melody/harmony isn't necessarily their thing and instead favor a more obscure, volatile sound).

Track 6 - Not God's Will

This track sounded a bit like a culmination of every single track before it (which isn't necessarily a bad thing), but it had an interesting breakdown of sorts about halfway in. Nothing too complex after that, just some pure fucking thrashiness. I wasn't as fond of this one as I was with the others, as it didn't have that same high energy feel behind it, but I liked what Jae Pocalypse did with the vocals near the end.

Track 7 - Cradle

This is an awesome, high-energy track with some delicious riffage. Short and sweet, it'll make you want to jump in the pit and fuck shit up, plain and simple! About one and a half minutes in they sneak in a surprise hint of groove to keep it interesting, then it's back to the heavy. It's an incredibly unique mix of grind, thrash, groove, and death... all within 2 short minutes and 52 seconds.

Track 8 - Carcinoma

Carcinoma starts off strong and heavy. It's a little thrashy, a touch deathy, and it had a bit of a black metal air in some parts. Jae Pocalypse's vocals are powerful, primal, and complimentary. Unlike the other songs on the album, the lyrics are a little hard to make out, which is a common problem when you have the extreme guttural style that these guys have. When a song is good, however, it makes you seek those lyrics out (which hopefully they include with the album or post somewhere for those of us who like knowing the words behind the stirring screams). I would count this as one of those songs/albums that compels you to delve deeper!

Overall, I would give this album an 8 of 10. Pretty much all the tracks have a great energy and solid heavy sound. The musicians are each extremely talented and it really shows through the album. You will absolutely want nothing more than to jump in that fucking pit and bang your fucking head when you hear it! This is definitely an album worth picking up, and Silence The Blind is definitely a band you'll want to see live if you like good, heavy thrash/grind style sounds with unique elements of deathiness, doominess, and even a pinch of grooviness thrown unexpectedly in the mix.

"Dead Inside" drops on June 7th, so keep your eyes peeled and check out the shows they have coming up to experience these guys live. You'll be glad you did! \m/

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