Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rivers of Nihil Become Victims of Theft, Band Seeking Help

Well this sucks. Some douchebag(s) apparently "punched the lock" in their van and stole a fuck-ton of belongings.


The band made a few statements on the robbery:

"We got hit hard tonight. Somebody punched the lock on our van in St. Louis and stole a ton of our belongings including: passports, laptops, recording equipment, money, clothes, etc. Not that this post will get us any of those things back, but if you hear anything or can help in any way please reach out.

Thanks guys.”

“Any donations that you guys would be willing to make to get our singer some clothes can be sent to our PayPal: Also, PLEASE check out our Indiemerch store and snag some gear. Anything helps!"

The guys were touring with DevilDriver, Carnifex, Revocation and Fit for an Autopsy en route to Denver, Colorado. No word on whether they'll be dropping out of the tour because of this, so as far as I know the show will still go on... but it's a good thing they already passed through our area, I guess!

Sheesh. Between Adrenaline Mob getting into their near fatal crash and having to drop out of their tour and this, there's a lot of bad juju going around lately.

You just gotta stay positive, I guess! Show these guys some love with a donation if you can - they work hard.

Full article here.

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