Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Prolific Artist H. R. Giger Dies at 74

A piece by H.R. GIGER

Today has been full of sad news. We learned that the prolific artist H. R. Giger failed to recover from injuries sustained in a fall down stairs at his home in Zurich, and has died at the age of 74.

Triptykon - Melana Chasmata (designed by Giger)He is most known for his work on the movie "Alien" by Ridley Scott, winning an Oscar for visual effects in 1990. However, he was also a favorite among many musicians in rock and metal, and had been commissioned by bands like Korn, Dead Kennedys, Danzig, and most recently, Triptykon and Carcass to design album covers, inserts, and even mic stands.

Tom G Warrior, vocalist for Triptykon, had these kind words to say of Giger in an interview with Metal Hammer:

"We imagined that his cover art would be the perfect match to our music. At the time we were tiny, tiny little nobodies compared to his genius. But we still tried to convey the same aura that he conveyed in his paintings."

“I sat down in my bedroom and wrote a little shaky letter explaining all of that. I found him in the phonebook and sent it to him and thought I would never hear anything. A couple of weeks later he called me, which blew my mind, because everybody ignored us and laughed about us and there is this guy who has just won an Oscar and is at the peak of his fame and he actually took us seriously and became our mentor."

Carcass - Heartwork (designed by Giger)You can even see signs of his influence on Paisley Abbey, located in Scotland. One of the gargoyles there takes the form of Giger's Alien. It is believed that when an original gargoyle was replaced around 1990, the stonemason made the replacement look akin to Giger's creation in a tribute to the artist.

RIP, H. R. Giger. Many are mourning your loss today, meaning you left a true mark on the world. Can't ask for better than that.

Full article here.

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