Friday, May 9, 2014

Philip Anselmo Discusses New Down EP

DOWN (photo cred: Blabbermouth)

According to this interview with Philip Anselmo of Down, you're in for a treat if Sabbath-inspired, "ambitious" metal.

Here's how Phil described the new material:

"I agree "Conjure" is unique in its own way. Really, it's BLACK SABBATH-slash-ST. VITUS worship. When put in our hands, there's the slippery way the guys play the riff and execute, and there's definitely also the Ozzy Osbourne influence that permeated throughout my entire vocal performance. It feels natural in a weird way as a progression. It feels very organic, which is strange to say coming from the BLACK SABBATH and ST. VITUS influence point of view. Yet, it's still here in 2014. I use the word "influence" very strongly here. Anything we touch is going to end up sounding like DOWN, but we allowed the songs to flow and just come out the way they came out without too much fuss. We weren't too over conscientious about the length of songs or anything like that. We let the songs flow out of us. I feel very good about it. Like I said, it came from a very natural place and very true place as far as what DOWN embodies."

You can stream some of their stuff and get a few more quick excerpts from the interview here, or read the interview in full.

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