Thursday, May 29, 2014

Papa Emeritus is a "Real Asshole", Ghost Seeking New Frontman

I so totally called this one months ago.

Apparently they ready the story posted in April about the little video he did claiming he was the Jesus Christ of Ghost (no, literally, he compared himself to the pope), because Metal Hammer reported that they are preparing to replace the twat waffle Papa Emeritus.

He "s a real asshole" said an unidentified Nameless Ghoul, "so we're looking for someone with a different approach to things. He still has to be an entertainer, but we're narrowing down the contenders."

HA! Yep. Called it.

Anyway, they've apparently got some stuff done for their next studio project, claiming they have some "track title figures out" as well as the album title and concept.

Full article here.


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  1. They "replaced" Papa Emeritus after the first album. It's still gonna be the same guy under the cloak.


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