Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park is a Dick

I had heard of the whole Rome (which is basically Sublime, minus a member) getting the cops called on them by Linkin Park, causing them to have their entire weed supply confiscated.

At first, people were inclined to believe that this was more of a case of someone working for the band calling to complain without being prompted by anyone in Linkin Park despite Rome's claims that they knew without a doubt who was behind it, as evidenced by these tweets:

Just a story of misunderstanding, right? WRONG. Every single one of those tweets Mike Shinoda sent out was a lie or twisted truth in an attempt to manipulate people's opinions of them regarding this incident.

Like "When Sublime was on stage, we were at a meet & greet" doesn't explain anything because I'm assuming they weren't smoking pot on stage, they were in their dressing rooms at the time. And "LP didn't 'call the cops' on Rome" just says that they didn't pick up the phone, but they were still the reason the call was made. And "If someone was 'representing the band' to the cops.. they were out of line" doesn't mean shit. You mean, if one of your underlings was telling the cops that they were Linkin Park, that would be out of line? That doesn't change the fact that you instructed them to "deal" with the situation in the first place.

We now know this because a police report that was filed citing very clearly that a member of Linkin Park did, in fact, tell their security people to call the authorities on Rome because one of the musicians was "allergic" to the pot smoke.

Really, Mike Shinoda? First off no one is allergic to fucking pot smoke. It might cause some people to cough more than others when around it and any type of smoke will make your eyes water somewhat, but that doesn't mean you have a fucking allergy. You will not swell up like you've developed gigantism and you won't go into fucking anaphylactic shock if you breathe it in, so give me a fucking break.

Second, why the fuck was it too hard a task for you to go over your goddamn self and asked them to open a window or go to their van or something because the smoke bothered your or one of the other members' delicate little senses? I'm willing to bet they would've been 100% cool with relocating or doing whatever made everyone more comfortable if you had not been a dick and asked a lackey to deal with it for you. Too good to talk to a lowly band like Sublime? Fuck you.

To make matters even worse, Mike Shinoda tries to spin the aptly named #LinkinNark tag around in his favor by posting this lame "joke" addressing the situation, hoping everyone will forget how he just fucking lied to us all about what the fuck happened.

Ok Mike, so you're saying you're proud of being a rat weasel? That this is something you do often when you're on tour? Or are you trying to make yourself look better by showing you can laugh about a situation that is totally devoid of anything humorous about it?

There are thousands of kids out there who are sick who would benefit from pot and can't get it, all because people who felt their profits would be threatened by it spent tons of money lobbying to criminalize it. There are just as many adults who are serving ridiculously unfair prison terms or probation sentences because of this harmless fucking herb that heals and eases tension and has caused zero deaths.

And you, Mike, are gonna stand there laughing and making jokes about being instrumental in getting all their stock taken (which probably resulted in a big monetary loss for them and will make it harder for them to perform, since it seems it was a big part of getting ready for the band) when people are fighting, hoping, praying and working to right the wrongs of the past and make this miracle plant openly available to all who need and want to take advantage of it?

I used to love Linkin Park up until they started changing into a pussy pop band and trying to rip off good bands like Thrice. All this situation (and Mike's actions) has done is make it clear to everyone that you've sold your soul for profit and that money, fame, and attention have corrupted you to the point where you're just kinda crappy people deep down inside.

Mike Shinoda is a total dick and Linkin Park has lost what little respect I had left for them.

I hope you guys get kicked off-stage at a concert because the venue had to close due to complaints from surrounding businesses about the terrible noise.

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