Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Local (and Famous) Metal Musicians Take a Stand Against Intolerance

Recently, one Vik Kuletski, owner and operator of ViK Guitars, has openly made discriminatory comments against the LGBTQ community, primarily in response to members of Cynic coming out as gay.

Here is the original comment made by Vik Kuletski on his personal Facebook page (the comment has since been deleted):

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Kuletski tried making this statement to save face, but honestly it doesn't really help his cause:
"There’s a big difference between “don’t like” and “hate”. I don’t hate gay people, pretty much as I don’t hate anything. Hatred is a sick feeling and never led to anything good. Fuck whatever you like, it’s none of my business. But don’t expect me to like or sympathize your choice just because you are “different”. I may be tolerant to you and that’s it."
Members of Cab Ride Home, Division, and Dismal Tide have publicly made statements denouncing the comments of the Vik Guitars founder.

Well-known and respected guitarists such as Misha Mansoor and Keith Merrow have also publicly made statements, and have even gone so far as to sever ties with this builder, who had been making guitars for at least one of them (and even held said guitar hostage over opposing viewpoints).

More recently, Adam Nolly Getgood just posted this statement on the matter:

Despite Vik's attempts to apologize to his so called "supporters" for the actions of those speaking out against their bigotry. MetalSucks, Metal Injection, and Heavy Blog is Heavy have all written articles on the matter.

Even though there still seems to be some ignorant bigots left in the world, it's good to see the metal community standing up and fighting for what's right.

Johnn Harbinger of Cab Ride Home contributed to this article.

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