Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kirk Windstein of Crowbar Calls Out Douchey Stage Diver


The frontman of sludgy doomers Crowbar, Kirk Windstein, almost got taken out by some douche-canoe showgoer that jumped onstage and charged at him. Security took him out, but a few seconds later he paused to say this:

"Stop this fucking song. I'm so sick of this shit. You've got motherfuckers like Randy Blythe — nicest motherfucking guy in the world. Some asshole goes into his office, fucks his fucking world up, and the guy almost goes to prison in a foreign fucking country. Do I go into your office and fuck your computer up? No. You know why? I respect you and I love you. Thank you. A lot of people think I'm a dick, go suck one, motherfucker. This is about respect. My eyes are closed, I'm playing my goddamn heart out. You could have broken every fucking tooth in my mouth. Thank you, security."

For some reason Metal Injection seemed to take issue with his wording, calling it "a little vulgar". (Really, guys? You aren't accustomed to vulgarity after covering tons of metal stories already? A little off-point, obviously... I digress.)

They did admit to getting the point though, as did I and probably most everybody else with any shred of common courtesy left within them.

When he was in a clearer frame of mind, Windstein made this statement via Facebook:

So yeah. Though I'm almost positive everyone I know is aware of this, for anyone that doesn't - please, please don't be a twat waffle and fuck shit up for everybody. The show is not about you. Everyone still has their personal bubbles that you must respect and not do anything outlandish unless you know for a fact that it's unlikely to cause offense or fuck shit up.

Yes, some of the fun of going to shows lies in losing yourself to the environment and letting go of inhibitions, but come on. You can do all of that while keeping your respect for others and dignity intact. Nobody likes a pushy, loud, inconsiderate motherfucker. Don't be that guy.

Anyway, Crowbar's new album Scar Symmetry came out yesterday so check that out if you like your heavy sludgy dooms.

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