Thursday, May 29, 2014

Iron Maiden Donates Portion of Show Profit to Flood Victims

First reported on Tanjug, Iron Maiden will be donating a portion of the revenue generated by their concert in Belgrade on June 17th to the victims of recent catastrophic flooding in Serbia.

Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia were ravaged by the worst flooding they'd seen in 120 years earlier this month.

Stand-up guy Steve Harris, bassist of Iron Maiden, said that he knows they "will come out stronger after the disaster". Thanks to them and guys like them, there's certainly no doubt that they will.

Iron Maiden is no stranger to philanthropy, and we love them even more for it.

You see? This is why we need to reverse the system and have it work to the advantage of metal/instrumental/experimental musicians, instead of overpaying floozies like Miley Cyrus and other talentless lip-synchers. If we overpaid metal bands, chances are 90% would use their powers for good and the money would be recirculated where it's needed most.

Way to set the standard, Iron Maiden! They are truly legends inside and out.


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