Friday, May 2, 2014

Gloom Vocalist Bill Calomiris Interviewed By Gunshy Assassin

GLOOMIt's always so awesome to see a great band with so much pure fucking ambition! After seemingly appearing out of nowhere, these talented guys have come out swinging with an exclusive track release & glowing review from already under their belt.

As of yesterday, Chris Harris of Gunshy Assassin proclaimed the band's forthcoming EP to be "one of my current go-to records" and held an interview with vocalist Bill Calomiris for weekly podcast The Disastercast

This will surely bring them a little more well-deserved exposure and the local metal community couldn't be happier to see these guys enjoying some recognition by some of the biggest names in the metal blogosphere. Congrats guys! You've earned it!

Check out the podcast here and keep your eyes peeled for their new EP, coming your way June 24th. Until then, you can always pop on Spotify for some Gloom riffage to tide you over! \m/

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