Monday, May 5, 2014

Gloom Vocalist Bill Calomiris Does Guest Column For Gunshy Assassin

GLOOMRemember when Gunshy Assassin did that interview with vocalist Bill Calomiris of Gloom about the band and their forthcoming EP?

Well, the interview went so good that they asked him back to do a guest column for the website!

In this column, Bill gives you three awesome fucking suggestions on books you may want to check out. My particular favorite is the second book he lists, because it focuses on one of my absolute favorite periods of history - Ancient Rome.

Hey Bill, don't know if you've heard of it before (he probably has) but check out "I, Claudius", either the book by Robert Graves or the BBC miniseries. That shit is fucking metal! It's got all the delicious decadence, wickedness, debauchery, and bloody gore (and titties in the screen version, if that's your thing) that was the society of the old Romans, written/acted in the most superb form. That goes for anyone else who's an Ancient Rome-ophile like me!

Check out the full column here!

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