Friday, May 23, 2014

Gloom Scores a Great Spot on Loudwire's Best Metal Songs of 2014 List

Man, they must put something in the water around here that makes our metal bands extra brutal.


Gloom, born of DC, has been getting a lot of attention from some of the biggest metal blogs out there right now, like MetalSucks and Gunshy Assassin.

It seems that Loudwire has also picked up on their magnificence and has dubbed their song "Entity" as one of the best metal songs of 2014!

Here's the track (be forewarned, you must be supremely metal to withstand its intensity):

The song appeared fifth on the list, preceeded only by Slayer, Doom, Tombs and EyeHateGod.

It's a pretty accurate list, too. Also featured is Insomnium (fuck yes!!), Agalloch, Arch Enemy and Behemoth.

Fantastic job, guys! All that hard work keeps paying off! Keep showing everyone how we do metal in the DC/MD/PA/VA. \m/

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