Friday, May 16, 2014

Frontman of All That Remains Sends Confusing Tweet About New Album

All That Remains is in the process of writing a new album. I've been pretty curious about whether or not they will try and incorporate more of their original sound or go a totally different direction.

Well, the hope that they might revisit the style of "Fall of Ideals" (which was the bearded man and mine's favorite out of all their albums) quickly died when frontman Phil Labonte tweeted this late last night (which obviously means there is a 50% chance he was schwasted when he sent it):

I'm cool with the banjo and everything... after all, I've heard some bluegrass that was pretty fuckin' metal.

However, I started to panic when things like "electronic shit" and "cock rock ballad" are mentioned.

Please, please, Phil Labonte... no. No, no, no, no, NO. NO ELECTRONIC SHIT. For the love of Odin, man, keep it together!

And anything that can be categorized as a "cock rock ballad" should not exist. Anywhere. EVER.

I think that upon hearing this, I'm beginning to question whether or not I even want to listen to it anymore.

I mean, there are tons, tons of people that have gone onto the band's Facebook page and commented a million times with things like, "Write more stuff like THIS," with a picture of "Fall of Ideals" posted below it. I'm not saying you should write music based entirely off what people think, say or suggest - but can we all agree that "Fall of Ideals" was an amazing album? They have to think so, too.

It's not boring to stick to a familiar sound when you're integrating different elements. However, if you're just going to go in the polar opposite direction, you may as well start a new band with a different name so people aren't upset when they buy it to hear All That Remains and get some metal-ish, offbeat version of "Cotton-Eye Joe" instead.

I really don't know about this, guys and gals. This is a sad, strange day for All That Remains fans.

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