Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Featured Band Breach The Silence Books HUGE Gig On Frontman's Wedding Day

HELLYEAH, SALIVA, BREACH THE SILENCE, ARMING THE ARCHITECT, BARCODE, SOLUS, TANTRIC @ SHILEY ACRES 6/28There's wedding bells in featured band Breach The Silence frontman AJ's future, on June 28th to be exact. Congratulations to the happy couple!

It'll be a busy, hectic, high-pressure day for them as it is, but despite that they've just announced they'll be playing at Shiley Acres with HELLYEAH, Saliva, Arming the Architect and Tantric!

That's a hell of a bill! Holy balls. Can you imagine having to play a show like this and then getting married right after?

Being vets to the scene, however, they're pros at multitasking and they'll likely pull it off without a hitch (well, they'll get hitched, but.. oh, nevermind). It just goes to show that being a musician is hard work, and hard-working bands are the best bands.

Get all the details about tickets and everything on the Local Metal Calendar. Really though, if you like sunshine, the great outdoors, big WV mountains, plenty of booze, good food, and great music, you simply must get out to this show! I promise you, it'll be a great time for all involved.

See you there! \m/

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