Friday, May 30, 2014

Dweller In The Valley Interviewed By Decibel Magazine

DWELLER IN THE VALLEY - Younger DryasDane Olds, drummer and vocalist for Dweller in the Valley (who has been bringing some truly awesome black metal to the Baltimore area where they're from for a while now), was recently interviewed by Decibel Magazine ahead of their newest release, "Younger Dryas", due out tomorrow, May 31st via Grimoire Records.

Dane had an interesting story as to how the album came to fruition:

"We did it in a day. I had bought these singing bowls when I took a trip to the United Arab Emirates last year. It was my first time out of the United States, definitely an eye-opening experience for this Midwestern boy. I’ve always liked [the sound of] chanting and throat-singing and traditional instruments that aren’t used traditionally in black metal, and I had this idea for this intro. “The Shedding” has this long, drawn-out bass feedback intro and I wondered what it would sound like to incorporate some of those sounds into it. I’m actually doing the throat-singing and playing the singing bowls. It turned out so much better than I could have hoped."

And how could he not make mention of the rapidly evolving local scene from which they arose? When asked about the MD/DC/VA scene, Dane responded:

"One of the things that’s so amazing now is seeing how many amazing acts are springing up in the area: Dendritic Arbor, Horde of the Eclipse, Wrought Iron, Torrid Husk, Dispellment, Permafrost… there’s really good stuff right in this region. One of the things I think is awesome about Grimoire – as a label, they’re documenting it."

See? I'm certainly not the only one who's recognized the astonishing number of really talented chicks and dudes who've cropped up in recent years from the 4-state. It's an exciting time for local/underground/unsigned bands right now, full of change and possibility.

Dane explained the personalities behind the musicians:

"I tend to be more driven [toward the] philosophy behind it, thinking about the nuance of it. We all have very different personalities. Nate, our bass player, is super laid back, a really chill guy. He’s also really good at organizing – I’m an artist by trade, so when I’m busy doing the lyrics and artwork, I know I can go to him for some help to get shit in a row, and he really helps me do that. He puts all of our concerts on a calendar. Mike, our guitar player, is also super laid back. He’s a huge gamer. He’s really goofy, he likes to joke a lot… actually, he and Nate both like to joke a lot. I tend to be the more serious one. They keep my head on my shoulders. They let me steer the ship as much as I want, which is really awesome. They let me push it in the direction that I’m feeling passionate about, and then when I can’t [bear being in charge anymore] then they’re like, “Alright, we’ve got it for a little bit.” We work really well as a unit."

Anyone who's seen them onstage can attest to the truth of that last sentence! They've got unmistakable chemistry.

The full interview can be read here.

Be ready for the unleashing of "Younger Dryas" tomorrow! You can pick it up from their Bandcamp page or via Grimoire Records.

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