Friday, May 9, 2014

Decapitated At Tracking Stage For Sixth Studio Album

DECAPITATED (photo credit Earache Records)

If you're a fan of tech death or grind, you're probably a fan of the Polish band Decapitated. They had begun work on their sixth studio album this past March, and today issued this update (announced on The Metal Den):

"We are now at the stage of tracking the vocals and the guitars. It looks like recording the new Decapitated album has so far proved extremely demanding. Never before had we faced a challenge as testing as the new songs turned out to be.

We cross-breed various styles, sounds and every day we put the crossbar higher and higher. Slowly but surely everything starts to come along and we can clearly feel something hugely exciting is emerging. Surely it is going to be the new level for Decapitated and as usually, as with each subsequent album, both music and sound will be somewhat different.

“I’ve been using my new custom-made Ibanez Iceman guitar during this session and EVH amps and cabs. The sound is original, powerful and crushing. We flirt with various tempos mixing death metal with grindcore and almost outright black metal atmosphere together with more, so to speak, ‘crowd-puller’ beats verging on groovy, almost stoner-rock climates. There are also a few more modern metal rhythmic riffs where we return to the climate of Organic Hallucinosis album. I’m certain that the very fact we are again, after 9 years, in Hertz studio will evoke the spirit of that album.

The vocals sound very promising. Rasta is a much more experienced vocalist compared to the Carnival Is Forever album times. And his voice sounds more powerful and deeper. There’s still a lot of work ahead of us so I gotta go now.

They're also now featuring the drum stylings of Michal Lysejko, who's taken over as their new drummer since their tour with Lamb of God.

Full article here.

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