Saturday, May 3, 2014

Cammo Shorts Plays At Church Venue, Gets Kicked Offstage

This is the absolute best! If you're familiar with the local metal scene around here, chances are you've seen these guys at shows before:

Well tonight, they were scheduled to play a show in Madison Heights, VA. It was a bit far from the areas they regularly play, so I'm willing to bet they didn't get a chance to check out the venue.

Judging by this picture posted by vocalist Davis Mullen, the place might not have been fans of the Satanic-themed band:

Not sure how, when, or at what point in their set it happened, but it seems they were kicked off the stage by someone in charge!

Here's what happened according to Davis:

"This was the room next to the performance room. We got kicked off stage tonight. We didn't know it was a church, they didn't know we are Satanic. We kept it real, Cammo Shorts doesn't give partial dick and tonight our dick was tooooo big. Hails \m/"

Fucking fantastic! Here again you see another fine example of why local metal bands are awesome; they aren't going to compromise what they're about for anything. Sucks they didn't appreciate the artistry of Cammo Shorts, but the many others (especially the metal community around here) sure do! No worries though, you'll still have some chances to catch them again soon, in their full unadulterated glory!

Thanks Cammo Shorts! We all needed that laugh today. \m/

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