Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Amberian Dawn Streams New Video From "Magic Forest"

Oh. My. GODS. This right here, I just... there are no words! This shit is on point! Fucking glorious!

I'm not kidding. Watch this right now.

This is what fucking incredibly awesome power metal sounds like, courtesy of Amberian Dawn and their first album with new vocalist, Päivi “Capri” Virkkunen.

Thank fucking goodness that they didn't pull a Nightwish and destroy themselves with a new singer that just didn't fit. Virkkunen handles herself beyond well, and every element of the track just comes together effortlessly and flows to perfection.

It's been a long time since I've heard some great fucking power metal like this that gave me those adrenaline feels, but this one broke the dry spell and restored my faith in the art of euphoric symphonic melodic-ness. We took a few hits there with the loss of my forever favorite male vocalist Roy Khan formerly of Kamelot, and my forever favorite lady (well, one of them) vocalists Tarja Turunen formerly of Nightwish.

That sound that I loved and that Nightwish had all but lost following Tarja's departure is back and just as good as ever.

The album comes out on July 8th and I can't fucking wait!!

AMBERIAN DAWN - Magic Forest out JULY 8th!! Be ready!!! \m/

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