Thursday, April 10, 2014

William & Kate (& Georgie Boy) Holiday In New Zealand, And Boy Do I Wish I Was There

Being the closeted royal-ophile, naturally I've been reading every news story and checking out every picture that comes out of wee prince George's first big trip to New Zealand with his fabulous dad & mum. And OH MY GOD WHAT PICTURES THEY HAVE TAKEN.

First, you've got the effortlessly flawless landing pics:

Will, Kate, and Georgie

They arrived on April 7th, looking perfect (of course). George is clearly a natural at prince-ing as evidenced by his nonchalant wave and flashing a relaxed smile for those there to welcome his highness. I still can't get over how, other than the very light blonde hair, this kid looks exactly like mine. And were born only a couple months apart.

Is that you, Dorian?

Then they were, naturally, greeted by a half-naked man. I see where your eyes are looking, Kate!

Oh my!

After nuzzling noses with some important political types (yeah, they literally rubbed noses because that's how they roll in NZ), they were off for a playdate for Georgie with a little girl who has two daddies.

I will stare you down, teddy bear

It was sweetness itself, even though at some point little George stole the poor girl's doll. All was quickly forgiven though.

A sign of things to come?

Then we got this adorable picture of mommy and son that's enough to make even the most adamant non-breeder want to procreate immediately.


The next day, they're off to meet Peter Jackson! Because I guess he pretty much has to have a place down there with the amount of time he spends filming awesome movies. Oh, and he's probably single-handedly boosted NZ's economy too. Way to go Peter Jackson.

He kinda looks like a hobbit

All in all, I just love these guys. You can tell that even though they come from privileged backgrounds, they are still just really good, honest people at heart. You can't fake that kind of goodness for as long as they've been displaying it.

Yeah, they're "famous" and wealthy thanks in large part to providence, but what they do with it is was matters. They're full time philanthropists. You can't do much better than that!

Also, redhead Prince Harry likes to party, and apparently is into metal. So there's a slight chance that Will & Kate are closet metalheads. At least, that's what I choose to believe. Can't wait to see more pictures of this little squishy lookalike of my son.

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