Saturday, April 12, 2014

Updates & Overhauls

Hail and welcome! A few updates first:

As of yesterday, Metal Maiden will be hosted on its own domain:

New stories added to Upcoming Albums; a couple tracks from new band Killer Be Killed, Opeth announces the title of their new album, new song from Insomnium and release dates for Amberian Dawn's new album.

New stories in Metal News.

A few heavy-hitting pieces are up in Being A F@#&ing Lady, as well as some fresh news about the royals. Yeah, I'm a royal fan. Wanna fight about it?

New interviews are up in Interviews, Podcasts & Radio from Riffline and Pilot Waves, as well as a new link to stream an awesome indie-artist-only station called Insane Realm Radio (which hosts the Women of Metal radio show - check it out).

Working on a new Featured Band or two, and they're good ones! I'm stoked to get these guys up here for you to enjoy. In the meanwhile, check out our three awesome and talented locally-based bands, Grethor, Cab Ride Home, and Iris Divine!!

A new reviewer is onboard with us and will be bringing you studio release reviews very soon. Don't forget about the awesome live show reviews already up, courtesy of Steve at HMC.

The Local Metal Calendar has a few new shows just announced for WV and MD. There's some awesome shows going on this weekend, too... Check it out!

Since Metal Maiden is growing much faster than I anticipated, it's time for a major overhaul in how stories are displayed and accessed. I aim to make it much easier to navigate through past articles and optimize the layout a bit. Hopefully, in time, this will be a truly useful and easily navigable guide to exceptional metal on the local and international levels. We're already well on our way!

You're bound to see some changes, but they're all for the better. As always, I'm open to any and all suggestions. Ask and you shall receive.

Here's to you, metal men and maidens of Earth! Keep playing it loud and proud. \m/

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