Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Agonist Presents to You New Vocalist Vicky Psarakis

The Agonist fondly presents their new vocalist, Vicky Psarakis in this video containing lots of footage of her and the band in the studio:

She is definitely talented. Kudos to them for recovering so quickly from what appeared to be a very sudden departure from their former vocalist. I know Alissa is pursuing her dreams and whatnot, and I totally respect that... it just seems like she didn't give them much notice and The Agonist was really blindsided, even hurt.

Worse still, she wrote a lengthy explanation of why she felt she was removed unfairly (as if she didn't understand them not wanting to be in Arch Enemy's shadow) and attempted to credit herself with being the main contributor of all their previous material, which is very not cool.

A band isn't a very good one if all the contributions are being made by one person only, and I don't believe that was the case, though I don't know very much about it other than what outward appearances suggest. Still, the way that was handled changed my opinion of her just a little.

Here's hoping that The Agonist and Vicky continue to flourish!

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