Monday, April 21, 2014

Reviews by Chase: Persephone, "Spiritual Migration"

PERSEPHONE - Spiritual Migration
"Spiritual Migration"

Track Listing:
# TitleLength
1."Flying Sea Dragons"1:48
2."Mind As Universe"4:41
3."The Great Reality"6:27
4."Zazen Meditation"3:53
5."The Majestic of Gaia"8:38
6."Consciousness (pt.1), Sitting in Silence"3:21
7."Consciousness (pt.2), A Path to Enlightenment"5:43
8."Inner Fullness"7:32
9."Melta Meditation"3:48
10."Upward Explosion"2:55
11."Spiritual Migraton"8:47
12."Returning to the Source"9:06
Total Length:  

Take a stroll down imagination lane with me real quick. We’re passing beautiful imaginationland daffodils and imagination ponies are frolicking in the imagination meadow and everything is imagination peaceful. But then out of seemingly nowhere this fucking metal band drops from out of the goddamned sky with a thud and start shredding their everloving asses off. All of the serene imagery gets annihilated by a furious attack of notes and riffs that, to you, sound like the combination of Dream Theater and Death Metal. This, have you, is the beginning of Persephone’s Spiritual Migration.

This band starts off nice and sweet, then pelts a series of insanity at you that would make John Petrucci mess his leather pants. If you like recklessly fast guitar and keyboard that have no regards for anyones safety, this is the band for you. It’s not all fast though. This band, like any progressive band worth it’s salt, know how to slow it down and be gentle. Don’t worry, you won’t be bored.

Now, hopefully you can overlook their poor choice in name (really guys?) and when you do and finally listen to their music, you realize that they could be called Dolphin Fucking Aphrodite for all you care. These bastards are phenomenal. I’ve found myself blazing a fat one and becoming completely lost in their music. Sounds of synth organs and a plethora of other electronic instruments have taken me places so far away I will often find myself wondering what the fuck I’ve been jamming out to for the past 15 minutes. “Oh fuck, it’s Persephone? Jesus these guys are good.”

I cannot stress enough that this is one of the best albums of 2013. If you’ve never heard of these guys you need to stop what you’re doing for the next hour and listen to this album. If you have heard of them, good for you, you fucking hipster. No one asked you. No I didn’t, shut the hell up. Anyways, this is a Level 10 metal album. And those of you who are familiar with my scale (which none of you are) you’ll immediately realize that this is a must buy. So go forth.

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