Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Reviews by Chase: Fetid Zombie, "Holy Destroyer"

FETID ZOMBIE - Holy Destroyer
"Holy Destroyer"

Track Listing:
# TitleLength
1."Holy Destroyer"4:10
2."The Cold Grip of Death"4:21
3."Crucify the Proselytiser"4:04
4."Converted by Force"4:33
5."Open Casket Stench"4:55
6."Devoured By the Jaws of Hell"4:36
7."Atheistic Might"3:46
8."Unholy Attack"1:42
9."Embalmed for Eternity"4:04
10."Denim Demon"3:05
Total Length:  

Old School Death Metal. Yeah, it’s still a thing. “But Chase, doesn’t it have to be old to be Old School?” No, fuck you, go die. Fetid Zombie is the essence of Old School Death Metal.

Now I bet you the album cover looks familiar. Maybe not the picture, but the style sure does. You’ve definitely seen this artist’s work before. Let me give you a hint...

Oh yeah. The legendary metal artist Mark Riddick did the art for this album. But why? Maybe because he like kick ass music? Maybe because he is the kickass music? That’s right, the man behind the art is behind the music too. He singlehandedly plays all the instruments and does the programming for Fetid Zombie.

Is that not enough? What if I told you that it has a star-studded cast of extras? Like members members of Nunslaughter, Horrendous, and Crucifier. That not enough? How about the guest guitar soloings of a Mr. James Malone of Arsis? Yeah, thought so.

At first listen, it’s not what you’d expect. It puts off a sort of 80s heavy metal vibe with grimy vocals with a touch of riffing akin to Scream Bloody Gore Death and a little Darkthrone. The distortion isn’t too heavy and the bass is in the forefront of the mix sometimes, giving the music this jammy, almost poppy quality that is anything but pop. It’s as if someone sent Mark back in time to recreate the beginning of death metal, and I believe he succeeded.

Oh and if all of this awesomeness isn’t too much to handle, here’s one more. Fetid Zombie is a local band. Based right out of boring old Leesburg, Virginia. I happen to see Mark all the time at the grocery store too. Go figure. Famous people are people too. Hi Mark! Now go buy his goddamn music.

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