Friday, April 4, 2014

On Circumcision

So here's another mommy-related blurg... about circumcision. For all you ladies that will one day be mommies to a little boy (or boys), if you were to ask my advice on this, I would tell you to NOT circumcise your son.

Why? Especially when articles like these purport to have indisputable evidence leading to the conclusion that circumcisions are better for your health. Unlike some, I won't argue with anyone over which is better for your health. Even with all the studies out there, there is simply not enough evidence to support either side of the argument on that count.

No, why I am against it is this. First of all, when this procedure is done at the newborn stage, the little bugger has just squeezed his way through a birth canal or undergone some other horrific and traumatizing manner of entry into the world. The last thing you or him will want is someone giving him his first surgery right off the bat, when they are so little, fragile, afraid and uncertain of the world. Everything is new to them. You don't want that to set the tone for the rest of his new life.

Second, as aforementioned, it's a fucking surgery. Surgeries can have complications. Complications can lead to permanent injury or death. If all goes well, you still must recover and heal. Surgeries are tough, and hasn't his first day been tough enough?

Third; why would you want to mess with something that nature has perfectly created? When you see your new baby, you stay in awe for days, weeks - a lifetime - and you're just in total disbelief that your very own body was taken over by nature to perfectly piece together and construct ten little fingernails, ten little toes, itty bitty strands of hair, a statuesque little nose and lips and all their darling little features. It's unreal.

People must have been getting along okay before circumcision was a thing (if they managed to avoid conquistadors, disease, or a brutal attack by a grizzly bear or woolly mammoth or what have you). If it ain't broke, why fix it?

Lastly, it's his freakin' penis. Let him decide what he wants to do with it. If he wants a circumcision and a Prince Albert, it's his pickle to mutilate as he sees fit. He can do the surgery at any time in his life, and he'll probably appreciate that you left the decision up to him.

Also, have you ever heard a baby getting circumcised? The scream is almost unbearable. Little babies were not meant to have cosmetic procedures done to them so young, and that's essentially all it is. It's cosmetic fucking surgery. For babies. Just.. no.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm not in line with anti-vaxxers or anything like that. VACCINATE YOUR KIDS. Circumcision is not even in the same category, and doubtless the similarities in those that oppose circumcision with those who oppose vaccination will likely drive people to thinking badly of the former.

I just know that I did tons of research while I was cooking my son, and everything I read from every side; every different opinion, every study, anything I could find. What I concluded was this is a cosmetic procedure, an unnecessary one, and can almost be described as mutilation pure and simple. Facts may come out to change my opinion, but in the end, it's not my opinion that matters. It's his.

Therefore, like any decision affecting you, you should have the final say. Our governments try to condition us differently to submit to what they think is best for us and using that as an excuse to supercede our personal, supposedly "inalienable" rights, but whatever they may do to us, I will not do it to my child.

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