Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Misery Index Premiers New Track & Jason Netherton's New Book

Misery IndexMisery Index premiered their title track yesterday from the forthcoming release of The Killing Gods via Sick Drummer Magazine. It's pretty darn good... check it out.

Also mentioned in the article is a book put together by Jason Netherton of Misery Index called "Extremity Retained" that has been recently published and I had no former knowledge about. How awesome is that, though? Talented death metaller and published author.

I always feel that if you are creative in any way, shape or form... you will have at least a thousand good stories to write as well as the talent to write them. Jason Netherton proves that in this book, which is (quoth Sick Drummer mag) "a 475-page collection of stories, memories, anecdotes and interviews that will allow you to better understand how the death metal underground worked in its early incarnations, how it has evolved, and where it might be going".

This follows, of course, that seeing as how they a Baltimore-based band they should have an interesting account of our own local scene at the time they were in the thick of it; where most of us are now, and where everyone gets their start. Consider "Extremity Retained" to be placed in a respectable spot on my "things I need to read" list.

You can snag a copy of the new book for yourself here. Way to go Jason and everyone in Misery Index! You've made your local metal community proud. \m/

Check out the title track to Misery Index's The Killing Gods right here.

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