Friday, April 25, 2014

Lzzy Hale Collaborates With Lindsey Stirling

Yeah, I know it's not metal, but we all listen to non-metal sometimes. Also I fucking love Lindsey Stirling and Lzzy Hale so this is getting a mention - and a well deserved one, at that. I think you'll agree, even if just on Lzzy's awesome vocals and Lindsey's incredible skill at commanding a violin.

The only major issue I take with Stirling is her use of dubstep, which in it's common form is abhorrent and is not an accepted style of music for my part. To her credit, however, she uses it sparingly, and it's more or less done quite tastefully in most of her songs. Not to mention her absolutely mastery of strings completely overshadows all of it, so I can forgive it just this once.

Think of it as not liking broccoli, but then you eat something amazing and discover broccoli was an ingredient in said amazing dish. Listening to Lindsey Stirling is kind of like that.

Lzzy Hale, as always, brings powerful vocals to this piece; pleasantly gut-wrenching and complete with all the feels. I simply adore her attitude and her ability to infuse her vocals with so much strength and emotion. She also seems like an awesome person to chill with, and that's always an added bonus!

Even the video was well done! For something as far-reaching and mainstream as this, the video is free from commercialization and emptiness and does not feel overproduced in the slightest. The visuals are very complimentary of the music and no one is trying too hard. They seem like they played off of genuine thoughts and feelings for inspiration, and everything smacked of gritty honesty.

If you like the sounds of Apocalyptica or are just a fan of orchestral wizardry and shit that sounds bleak and beautiful with a little extra energy thrown in, you will love this. It's far from a chicky pop song - it is more something to which pop music should aspire. It's fucking beautiful.

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