Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lotsa New Releases Today

First off we have Triptykon, their new album released by Century Media titled Melana Chasmata. I really dig the cover art, haven't heard anything off it though so I wouldn't comment on it just yet. I've liked their stuff in the past, so chances are this'll be fairly good.

Kyng has a new one entitled Burn the Serum, released under the label Razor & Tie. They'll be touring soon with Crobot and Kill Devil Hill which I do believe is up on the local show calendar if you want to find out when it'll be around here.

Gamma Ray is releasing Empire of the Undead today via Eagle Rock/Armoury. Check them out if you love power/prog metal, they are fucking amazing and their name doesn't do the material justice, in my opinion. This will also be the debut of their new drummer, Michael Ehré, the former drummer of Firewind and Metalium. He is replacing Daniel Zimmerman, who had been with them for fifteen years!

Sevendust is out with Time Travelers & Bonfires via 7Brothers, which is a decent album but more on the radio-rock side than metal, really. Still enjoyable.

Emmure came out with something today, but really.. who fucking cares?

The Birds of Satan released their self-titled album today. Haven't heard of them before, but apparently they have something to do with the Foo Fighters according to this.

Enthroned released Sovereigns via Agonia. If you don't know these black metal Belgians, you should get yourself acquiainted! They are badass.

No idea who they are, but Mos Generator came out with Electric Mountain Majesty via Listenable and even though I haven't heard anything from them I already love the album title. According to Metal Insider, this band is "perfect for fans of Crowbar, High on Fire, Down, and other stoner metal mainstays". Well, I do love me some stoner metal...

I Declare War released We Are Violent People by Nature via Artery. Meh. "Brutal deathcore" it has been referred to, and so it is. They'll be at the New England Metal & Hardcore Festival this weekend.

Anubis Gate released Horizons via Nightmare. If you love some good prog rock, there you have it. Along just like you've got with Iris Divine as well.

Cult Leader put out Nothing for Us Here via Deathwish. The band is comprised of three former members of Gaza and is the natural next step up from that project. If you like Dillinger, you might like them.

Black Sabbath released The Complete Albums 1970-1978 via Rhino. Metal Insider thinks "any self-respecting metalhead should already own all of these albums", and to that, sirs, I say a giant and heartfelt fuck you. Ah, MI, your smacks of elitism are evidence to your increasing detatchment to the real metal community and proof of your shift towards the typical mentality of the commercially-driven. Dudes, metalheads don't have to own shit to be a metalhead. It's the feels in your soul that count. Or something. Anyway, yeah I'd recommend getting it as well because it's awesome, so I guess that makes me a hypocrite. But unlike some people, I won't revoke your metalhead card if you don't. Ha ha, just kidding, Metal Insider. We're still cool. (Like they even know who I am.)

Also out today from awesome locals Survive The Demise is Born Of Slaughter. Pick it up from them at the next show or order online and enjoy!

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