Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lacuna Coil Streams "Broken Crown Halo" Before Release

Lacuna Coil releases Broken Crown Halo via Loudwire stream.. here's what I think of the first four tracks.

Let me just warn you... that growl she lets out at the beginning of song #1 (Nothing Stands in Our Way) will just get you pumped for this album. I really, really dug the opening half of this song. After the halfway point it starts to sound like more of the same, then closes with as epic an ending as the beginning was. Overall very solid jam.

Song #2 (Zombie) starts off a little weird for me, and in my opinion it sounds a little different than their usual deal. At least until you get a little deeper into the song.. then you can hear it again. I dunno, I just couldn't get into this one as much. It was almost pop-ish and silly until you get to Scabbia's vocal parts, and the solo near the end wasn't bad, but overall the song was just lukewarm for me.

Hostage to the Light, song #3, I liked a whole lot better. Nice slow groove leading into a powerful chorus. Cristina's vocals really shine on this track.

Next song, Victims, was a lot like the third but I dug it just as much. Great vocals and awesome harmonies in this one. The ending is just glorious.

I'm gonna listen to the rest later.. I have a baby to attend to. From what I've heard though, this album will not disappoint! Can't wait to hear the rest. I love Cristina Scabbia's vocals. She was one of the first female metalers that I would practice singing to, in the car, in the middle of nowhere on a long drive in the mountains by myself. Lacuna Coil has their spot reserved in this chick's hardened heart.

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