Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hour of Penance Releases Two Songs Via YouTube From Upcoming Album "Regicide"

If you like it nice and heavy, with deep deep growls and blazing riffs with almost unrelenting blastbeats, these two songs are for you. First off, track #3 - "Desecrated Souls":

Kinda reminds me of Nile a little bit. Heavy and fast from start to finish, this qualifies as a face-melter without question.

Regicide is due to come out May 13th of this year, and after hearing these tracks, count me among those who cannot fucking wait to hear the rest of this. Next up, my favorite of the two - "Resurgence of the Empire":

The fucking lyrics in this song are perfectly set to the music, and they're well written. Not like Dani Filth well-written, where you almost have to whip out a dictionary for some songs, but pretty badass nonetheless. Anytime Latin is thrown into a song, I go crazy for it.

Hour of Penance has previously toured with The Black Dahlia Murder and Cannibal Corpse, where they gained the bulk of well-deserved exposure. The Italians sure know how to metal.

Article here.

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