Friday, April 18, 2014

Grethor Announces New Lineup

GRETHOR announces new lineup

Featured band Grethor has just announced that Mike Lewis (of Critical Pain Devastator) and Brian Frost (of Angry Hate Infestation) have replaced former members Andy McComas and Bobby Lute as the new rhythm and lead guitarists.

This is exciting! All of these guys are talented, and it'll be interesting to see what Mike and Brian will bring to the table for this project.

Here's the official announcement as it was posted:


As many of you may (or may not) have heard, Andy McComas and Bobby Lute have left Grethor. They are leaving on their own accord, one to pursue his own projects, the other because he is leaving the state. This is not something to be secretive about, as we respect their decisions, and their parting is amicable, and their time with us more than appreciated.

Neither was especially easy to replace, as one was a solid rhythm player, the other a founder of the band. However, this band is no stranger to lineup changes since 2007, and the principles of the band are still intact (as is its vocalist, drummer, and bassist), and we will continue forth as each new member brings newness and their own influence to the band, even as the departure of friends is bittersweet.

You can follow Andy's band, Critical Pain Devastator (CPD) here on Facebook – Bobby's future projects will be announced when he is ready to do so.

So, without further adieu, we we like to introduce Mike Lewis (of Critical Pain Devastator) and Brian Frost (of Angry Hate Infestation), and officially welcome them to the band! Each person is truly an addition and an asset as we go forward, and we are excited to have them.

Thank you all for your continued support. We thank Bobby and Andy, as well as all the musicians of past lineups for their contributions. More announcements and material shall be announced as we are ready to do so. We will make the music we want to make, and we will always welcome all who join us in it. Hails! \m/

Grethor 2014 is:

Marcus Lawrence - Vocals
Anthony Rouse - Drums
Nick Rothe - Bass
Mike Lewis - Guitar (Rhythm)
Brian Frost - Guitar (Lead)


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