Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Featured Band - Trihexyn


Trihexyn is a heavy metal band that utilizes beauty and brutality to create music that appeals to the most diverse range of tastes. Drawing inspiration from both classic and modern metal, Trihexyn continues to push the limits of convention and combines the best elements of several metal sub-genres. Trihexyn is also completely self-produced, doing everything from recording, mastering, and mixing to creating graphic images for the band. No matter what your tastes are, Trihexyn is an experience you won't soon forget.

Trihexyn was formed in 2005 by Greg Staub and Shawn Staub, cousins who both play guitar and share a love for metal. The band experienced a series of different musicians until Joe Baker, drummer, joined the band in 2008, bringing a solid rhythm section and recording know-how. After having no success finding bass players, Shawn Staub, after having always wanted to play bass, switched to playing bass in 2013, opening up the lead guitar spot for Guillaume Radde.

Trihexyn has two full-length albums, Omni Contemptus (2009) and Of Death and Desire (2012). They're currently working on their third CD, currently untitled, slated for release in 2014.

Meet the Members of Trihexyn


Frontman and guitar tone madman, Greg enjoys fast, hard, brutal rhythms and delicately layered harmonies to create an unmatched sonic experience.

Equipment: Schecter, BC Rich, and Gibson Guitars, Shure Microphones, Marshall Amplifiers and Mesa Boogie Cabinets.
Shawn Staub
Bass/Backup Vocal

A creative powerhouse, Shawn enjoys sophistication of songwriting as well as supporting vocally and creating compelling visuals for the band.

Equipment: Schecter Basses, Audix Microphones, Ampeg Amplifiers, and Peavey Cabinets.

Joe Baker
Drums & Programming

The silent and the deadly, Joe's rhythms, arrangement, and production are unmatched. His ability to convey emotion using percussion make him a calculating musician.

Equipment: Tama drum shells, Paiste Cymbals, Iron Cobra and Axis pedals, and Roland V-Drums.

Guillaume Radde
Lead Guitar

Hailing from France and classically trained, Guillaume brings a new level of sophistication to the lead guitar and songwriting.

Equipment: Ernie Ball and ESP Guitars, Mesa Amplifiers, Line 6 processing, and Mesa Boogie Cabinets.

Check out a review from one of their shows at Empire (formerly Jaxx) on DC Heavy Metal  [ read review ]

Pick Up Trihexyn's second full-length album, "Of Death and Desire" here or on Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play!

Upcoming Shows (from the Local Metal Calendar):

Friday, April 25 @ 8pm
Death Penalty

The Sidebar
Baltimore, MD
get directions
$8 advance, $10 day of show

The mighty Trihexyn is playing at The Sidebar! Area metalheads rejoice! This is a very good bill, especially for the price. See you there! \m/

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