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Featured Band - Grethor


Born in 2007 as a side project for members of local doom bands, Lord, Kaemon, and the death metal band Deathmask, Grethor was an ode to the black metal of years past. Influenced by Bathory, early Mayhem, Celtic Frost, Darkthrone, and Venom, they recorded the EP “Satanic Pantameter”, played a few shows in corpse paint and spikes, and then promptly dissolved as most projects do.

However, Deathmask dissolved shortly thereafter, as members left for their respective bands, and then Malignus (a surname used by vocalist Marcus Lawrence at the time), and Fek'Lhr (a surname used by Robert “Bobby” Lute at the time), resurrected the project with the blessing of the other members (Willy and Wilsen Rivera, Jessie Pugh), with a new rhythm section, former Apothys members Cenareous (Sam Mortensen) on drums, and Villam (Nicholas Kuhn) on bass.

The sound became more melodic and polished. It was black metal, with some influences in early 90's melo-death, and with a focus on theme, melody, and texture. It was influenced by bands like Immortal, Emperor, and early Dissection, and laid the foundation for the band more so than in the early days of playing the more “in your face” classic BM sound of the past.

Grethor would go on to record several demo tracks before Cenareous would abruptly leave the band in 2010, forcing them to begin searching for another lineup. The search was a little more arduous, as the band was unlike any other out there, and finding the right people proved difficult.

Then in 2011, after beginning to write songs and despite not having a full lineup, the call was answered and met on social media by Anthony Rouse, and the search began in early 2012 for other members. Duncan Jones was added on bass, as was Andy McComas of Critical Pain Devastator on guitar. Duncan would drop out before the end of 2012, and Nick Rothe would take over permanently. Fek'Lhr and Malignus would remain on guitar and vocals, respectively.

The band would spend most of 2012 writing before hitting the bar scene hard, garnering attention for their unique sound and energy. They would hit the studio for their EP “Galaxia Infinitum” in summer of 2013, and play a series of shows to promote it with much success and reaction.

As the band began preparations for recording a full-length album, adversity struck again as Fek'Lhr announced that he was moving, and Andy would drop out to focus his attention on his main project. The search has landed one guitarist so far, Mike Lewis of CPD, and another should be announced fairly soon.

The band itself has been adopting a more “Black Death” approach in their coming songs, as well as a much more aggressive, dark, and sinister sound to the music. As more members add their influences, so it goes with their music.

(Malignus, as the only original member, would change his surname to Nihilus, as he would prefer his life as Grethor front man would remain separate from his everyday life. A new name for a new beginning.)

Meet the Members of Grethor


Nick Rothe

Other projects: The PMK, Momentum Void
Andy McComas

Other projects: Critical Pain Devastator
Anthony Rouse

Other projects: Loculus


At the Gates
Deathspell Omega
Morbid Angel

Band Interests

Films, demonology, music forms, art, science

Local Artists They Dig

Hivelords, Sadgiqacea, Permafrost, Radamanthys, Cammo Shorts, Jupiter's Wake, Lord, Dirt Worshipper, Acrid, Gradius, Vitality, Loculus, Short Bus Pile Up

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"I am constant as the northern star,
Of whose true-fix'd and resting quality
There is no fellow in the firmament."

Julius Caesar (III, i, 60 – 62)

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