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Featured Band - Cab Ride Home

Cab Ride Home

There's all sorts of reasons people drink. Our songs reflect that. From stupid party anthems to tunes about raising a glass for fallen friends, we run the gamut of melodic thrash metal. Two guitar attack, double-bass driven rhythms and vocals ranging from brutally harsh to "epic punk" clean.

Northern Virginia metal band Cab Ride Home brings together a group of pure music fans who love to party and have a good time. We are named after a crazy night founding members Dan and Deac (along with eventual member Masten) had at Jaxx Nightclub in October 05, ending with an infamous cab ride home. Cab Ride Home is here to make a statement on what metal is supposed to be about: having a good time!

We formed in May 2006 with lead guitarist Enock. Drummer James Masten joined in December 2006 and we began performing live in April 2007. Bane took over rhythm guitar duties from Dan in January 2009 and made his live debut as a full-time member Feb. 6, 2009 at Jaxx. Cab Ride Home became Dan on vocals, Deac on bass, Masten on drums and Enock and Bane on guitars. CRH and Deac officially parted ways in October 2009 following a performance in front of a near-capacity crowd as direct support to the Misfits at Jaxx.

Our first official demo for "Drunk on Arrival" was recorded in August 2007 and we recorded our debut full-length album "The Intoxicated Massacre" in September 2008 at Final Symphony Studios in Charlottesville, VA. It was engineered, mixed and mastered by Micah Consylman (Bella Morte). Micah and Dave Evans aka Noodles (Division) make guest appearances on "One Last Round" and "Bloodshot Memories", respectively. The album officially dropped March 20, 2009 in front of a record-setting audience for us at Jaxx! The single "Brawl at the Bar", recorded and mixed in early October 2009 with long-time producer John Piette of Extreme Recording studios, was recorded for the Warrenton Rocks benefit album.

We made our on-air debut in January 2009 with Into Oblivion being featured on The Buzz, 88.3 FM WSBU (St. Bonaventure, NY), two months before we released The Intoxicated Massacre. The X, 102.1 WRXL (Richmond, VA) then picked up Drunk on Arrival the following September. Tracks from The Intoxicated Massacre have appeared regularly on 88.1 FM WMUC (College Park, MD) since October '09 and on World Rock Radio's Sunday Sinners Metal Show (Internet radio) since January 2010.

During 2010, we shared the stage with some of the underground's biggest acts to date, including Cannibal Corpse, Soilwork, Death Angel and Amon Amarth among many others. We re-entered the studio in early August to record a three-song EP with one of the best known producers in the Washington-metro area, Kevin Gutierrez from Assembly Line Studios. "To The Top" features the tracks .254 (Overtox), Slaughter Brew and Assassins of Innocence and was released October 15, 2010 when we opened for Nevermore at our 90th show. It's a sonic departure from The Intoxicated Massacre in that the songs are much more technical, faster, heavier and melodic while still keeping our debut album's catchiness and ready-for-the-stage party vibes. Guest bass tracks were performed by Terra Dactyl (WFC).

We hit the road that fall and winter for shows in new places like The College of William and Mary, The Canal Club in Richmond and even our first outdoor festival in Marietta, Ohio, ultimately closing out our live year with Chimaira.

In early 2011, we achieved one of the most significant milestones in the band's history by performing our 100th show, back home at Jaxx with our good friends in Sex Slaves. Afterward, we completed work on "Hawaiian Sucker Punch", our fastest, heaviest and most brutal offering to date. During the summer, we parted with Beef on bass and drummer Masten, who had been with the band since our 2006 inception.

Good friends from three different bands around the scene pitched in to help us meet our live obligations immediately afterward, with even more offers of help from other friends coming our way, proving the strength of the greater NOVA/DC/MD scene where bands take care of each other. We recruited former Ethereal Genocide drummer Jacob Johnson to take over the skins, and he made his live debut at our show with Kamelot, Alestorm, Blackguard and The Agonist on August 27.

"To The Top" studio bassist WFC has volunteered to help us out on the low end through September, after which Reticle/Cammo Shorts vocalist Davis Mullen stepped in, performing every show in 2012.

Most importantly, 2012 became the year Cab Ride Home brought the party overseas as we headlined our first international tour together with our fellow Manassas brothers in Cammo Shorts. We lined up for shows in the U.K. for The Sonically Intoxicating Britain D.I.Y. Tour 2012 that featured gigs in Belfast (Northern Ireland), Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen (Scotland).

We had no help from record labels, international booking agents or any industry types. Instead, we worked directly with outside of the venue promoters themselves, our friends, local bands and backline rental companies. We secured the entertainment visas ourselves and made our own travel arrangements (planes, trains, taxis and even a boat and a 2-door hatchback that we managed to make fit six people with four guitars and eight bags of gear and luggage). We stayed at one hotel for two nights over eight days and relied on the venues and our friends to stick us up every other night.

For as much as that cost us financially, there is no pricetag that can be put on the feeling of triumph that we held at the end of the Aberdeen show. During the tour, we performed between 30-45 minutes a night, playing 7-10 songs. On the longer nights, we included two covers of European bands just for fun: "Blinded By Fear" (At The Gates) and "Episode 666" (In Flames).

Currently, we are preparing to re-enter the studio to finish recording our first single for the new record. That single, "Thrash Mob", is also set to be our first music video.

Meet the Members of Cab Ride Home



Other projects: Menstrual Sewage, Hatefuck

Other projects: Menstrual Sewage, TrashMojo, Hatefuck


National/International Touring Acts They've Performed

Absence, The
After Forever
Agonist, The*
Amon Amarth
Bella Morte*
Beyond Fallen
Brand New Sin
Cannibal Corpse
Death Angel
Drowning Pool
God Forbid
Green Jellÿ
Holy Grail
Ill Nino
Impending Doom
Lecherous Nocture
Left to Vanish
Little Ozzy
Lorna Shore
Mutiny Within
Nashville Pussy
Pysclon Nine
Salt the Wound
Scar Symmetry
Sex Slaves
Shadows Fall
Showdown, The
Swallow the Sun
This or the Apocalypse
Threat Signal
Thy Will Be Done
Twisted Tower Tire
Veil of Maya
Wednesday 13*
Woe of Tyrants

Shows Performed

2007 Total: 15
2008 Total: 24
2009 Total: 32
2010 Total: 24
2011 Total: 15
2012 Total: 15
2013 Total: 2
2014 Total: 2

Overall Total: 129


Bay-area thrash, Swedish melodic death, smart juice

Band Interests

Yuengling, Sam Adams, Jack Daniels, chicken, bacon, and anything from Tony's in Manassas

Local Artists They Dig

Almost Human, Iris Divine, Division, Prodigium, The Mindless Expanse, Reticle, Cammo Shorts, Black Dragon, Adversary, Silence the Blind, Kysmet, A Sound of Thunder, Gradius, Yesterday's Saints

Upcoming Shows

MONTHLY METAL!! Saturday, May 17 @ 8pm
The Reasons Were Legion
Cab Ride Home
Hopscotch With Landmines

Guido's Speakeasy
Frederick, MD
get directions
NO COVER!! Spend lots of $$ on booze to show your appreciation

Another awesome lineup for Monthly Metal at Guido's! If you go to one of these, you're going to have a great time regardless of if you're there for the music or not. And even if you're night, I'm willing to bet you'll be a fan of at least one of these bands by the time you leave! You can't collect that bet unless you go, of course, so look for me there ;)

Friday, May 30 @ 8pm
Cab Ride Home
Dogs & Day Drinkers

The Sidebar
Baltimore, MD
get directions
$8 advance
$10 day of show

Drunken thrashers (& one of our featured bands) Cab Ride Home are back in Baltimore for the first time since 2010! Also on the bill, Sekengard (world fusion folk metal making their Baltimore debut), Dogs & Day Drinkers (blend of power, folk metal and punk rock), Testosteroso (comedy metal from PA), Ralph (thrash metal with a smattering of other influences from Baltimore). I think it's safe to say you won't leave this show feeling down!

Download The EPs "The Intoxicated Massacre" (2009), "To The Top" (2010), and the single "Thrash Mob" for FREE via Cab Ride Home's Facebook page.

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