Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Edguy's New Album Out Today, Already #2 On German Charts!

EDGUYSo Edguy has a super-awesome and hilarious release today (among many, many others) entitled Space Police - Defenders of the Crown. The album has already made it to #2 on the German charts, which is the best chart position ever obtained for an Edguy album - ever! Congrats Edguy! You deserve it!

Tobias Sammet of the band has sent the following statement to Brave Words:

"The fans have spoken! On behalf of my buddies Jens, Dirk, Eggi and Felix: Thank you all so much! We have been quite vocal about how much we love this album but it is an amazing feeling to learn that you agree. We wanna thank the whole world of rock and metal for the great reactions. It took us 22 years into our career to celebrate the biggest success of our band history? Seriously? That's amazing! We will always be thankful and we will work our asses off to reward you with a big show on the world tour in autumn. See you there and cheerzz, the 'Love Tyger' ;) "

Grab a copy of the album TODAY if you like straight up righteous, cheesy power metal with male soprano vocals! I promise, you'll be glad you did.

See where they placed on the rest of the charts around Europe (hint: they did pretty fucking good) and stream before you buy right here.

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