Friday, April 18, 2014

Edguy Streaming New Album

Edguy is streaming their new album Space Police - Defenders of the Crown (Nuclear Blast) in its entirety via SoundCloud. It's out today in the UK, but here in the states we'll have to wait until April 28 to grab a copy. Until then, here's what's in store from Edguy:

Space Police - Defenders Of The Crown tracklisting:

‘Sabre & Torch’
‘Space Police’
‘Defenders Of The Crown’
‘Love Tyger’
‘The Realms Of Baba Yaga’
‘Rock Me Amadeus’
‘Do Me Like A Caveman’
‘Shadow Eaters’
‘Alone In Myself’
‘The Eternal Wayfarer’

Bonus disc tracklisting:

‘Aychim In Hysteria’
‘Space Police’ (progressive version)
‘Space Police’ (instrumental version)
‘Love Tyger’ (instrumental version)
‘Defenders Of The Crown’ (instrumental version)
‘Do Me Like A Caveman’ (instrumental version)

They've also got some UK tour dates coming up. See here for deets.

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