Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Drop Everything!! Insomnium Album "Shadows of the Dying Sun" Streaming Now

INSOMNIUMThe highly anticipated new album from Insomnium was released yesterday! FUCKING AWESOME!! INSOMNIUM RULES!!

Ah-hem. Anyway, if for some crazy, nonsensical reason you don't already know that this is the primo release of the year thus far, MetalSucks posted the entire album for you to stream and subsequently believe.

Here are a few songs if you don't have time to stream the whole thing. Do yourself a favor though.. Skip all this streaming bullshit and just go buy this fucking album! There are very, very few bands out there who deserve your support as much as these guys. Insomnium is absolutely fucking phenomenal. I dare you to find music more powerful than this.

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