Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cradle Of Filth Working On New Album!

CRADLE OF FILTHFUCK YES. FUCKING HELL FUCKING YES. Dani Filth revealed in this interview with Metal Kaoz that he has begun work on a follow-up to "The Manticore And Other Horrors" to (hopefully) be released sometime in 2015. Dani said of the sound:

"The crux of three songs have already been broached and I can say the material is comparable to that of 'Dusk... And Her Embrace', 'Cruelty And The Beast' and 'Midian', albeit with a fresher sound. I can't define it exactly, as it incorporates a wide variety of styles and dark emotions as one would come to expect from a CRADLE record. One thing is certain, though: this next release is going to be pushing the boundaries of what the band can achieve, and with forthcoming live shows peppering the writing process, I know this album is going to be fuelled by 101% metal fury!"

So I have to wait a whole goddamn year, but as always, it's sure to be well (well) worth it in the end!

I am literally in love with 98 percent of everything Cradle of Filth has put out, but what I'm even more in love with is the fucking lyrics. I shit you not, Shakespeare himself adorned in full gothic regalia could not write better, more profound shit than is written in every last one of their fucking songs.

Take, for example, the lyrics from his most popular song, "Her Ghost In The Fog":

The moon, she hangs like a cruel portrait
Soft winds whisper the bidding of trees
As this tragedy starts with a shattered glass heart
And the mid-nightmare trampling of dreams

But oh, no tears please
Fear and pain may accompany death
But it is desire that shepherds its certainty
As we shall see

She was divinity's creature that kissed in cold mirrors
A queen of snow, far beyond compare
Lips attuned to symmetry sought her everywhere
Dark liquored eyes, an Arabian nightmare

She shone on watercolors of my pond life as pearl
Until those who couldn't have her, cut her free of this world

That fateful eve when the breeze stank of sunset and camphor
Their lanterns chased phantoms and threw
An inquisitive glance, like the shadows they cast
On my love picking rue by the light of the moon

Putting reason to flight or to death is their way
They crept through woods mesmerized
By the taffeta ley of her hips that held sway
Over all they surveyed save a mist on the rise
A deadly blessing to hide her ghost in the fog
They raped and left, five men of God, her ghost in the fog

Dawn discovered her there beneath the cedar's stare
Silk dress torn, her raven hair flown to gown her beauty bared
Was starred with frost, I knew her lost
I wept 'til tears crept back to prayer

She'd sworn me vows in fragrant blood
"Never to part, lest jealous Heaven stole our hearts"
Then this I screamed ,"Come back to me
For I was born in love with thee
So why should fate stand in between?"

And as I drowned her gentle curves
With dreams unsaid and final words
I espied a gleam trodden to earth
The church bell tower key

The village mourned her by goodbye
For she'd been a witch, their men had longed to try
And I broke under Christ seeking guilty signs
My tortured soul on ice

A queen of snow, far beyond compare
Lips attuned to symmetry, sought her everywhere
Trappistine eyes, an Arabian nightmare
She was Ursuline possessed of a milky white skin
My porcelain yin, a graceful Angel of sin

And so for her the breeze stank of sunset and camphor
My lantern chased her phantom and blew
Their chapel ablaze and all locked in to a pain
Best reserved for judgment that their Bible construed

Putting reason to flight or to flame unashamed, I swept from cries
Mesmerized by the taffeta ley of her hips that held sway
Over all those at bay, save a mist on the rise
A final blessing to hide, her ghost in the fog
And I embraced where lovers rot, her ghost in the fog
Her ghost in the fog, her ghost in the fog

I'm just in fucking awe of how beautifully it reads... like a fucking classical novel! Even better, Dani has improved his ability to make the lyrics more audible amid the growls and signature banshee-like shriek. The music that goes along with it is equally as dark and poetic and the lyrics. You just know you're getting the full package with Cradle.

"Manticore" sold 4,500 copies of in the US on it's first week, so finally and deservingly, they are underrated no more. Glad to see them getting the recognition they deserve from all the Americans who were late on the draw. Fingers crossed they one day foray into these parts on a tour!

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