Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Casa Fiesta in DC Doesn't Want Metal/Punk Shows To Continue

Photo credit: this article by WAMU, we learn that Casa Fiesta will no longer be hosting metal or punk shows in future. The restaurant, located in Tenleytown, has been having shows there for more than two years and abruptly decided upon gaining new management that they "don't want the shows to continue".

Robin Zeijlon, a musician and booker of previous shows at Casa Fiesta, received a call today with the news. "All I know is that the new management is not interested in having loud-ass punk shows there," he says.

The restaurant's manager, Nora Alvarez, claims:

"It’s been positive for us a little, but a lot of negative. So with the new management, we don’t want the shows to continue. We’ve had people who were here and when this kind of music is going on, a lot of [customers] stop coming for that. We did make some sales, but [with the most recent concerts] we had problems with the neighbors and a lot of stuff that happened during the shows. They scared people away, basically, and it’s too loud. It’s really kind of negative a lot in a lot of ways."

Tonight will mark the last of the shows here at this venue, featuring Full of Hell, Column of Heaven, Nyodene D, and D.O.C..

Personally, I think metal shows can do nothing but good things for a venue if it is managed properly. Clearly, in this case, the management was not quite up to the task of handling it in the right way. If you book a show during your usual hours of business when you expect to have your usual customers coming in on top of the people there to see the show (if, say, you're running a restaurant or retail store), then you are not only doing your customers a disservice, but the bands and patrons of the show as well. You cannot operate a restaurant-type venue like this and not expect to alienate one or the other.

A lot of people are sad about this, understandably. No doubt a better venue will eventually replace it... but it always sucks when a big part of several people's lives reaches the end of an era.

Go check out their final show tonight if you're in DC.

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