Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Brother Firetribe (featuring Nightwish guitarist Emppu Vuorinen) Video "For Better Or For Worse", Third Album Due Out in June

BROTHER FIRETRIBEI literally had no idea this band existed before today, but I wish I had heard of them sooner! Billed as "chock-full of melodic rock ear candy" with "glistening choruses, heavenly harmonies and lyrics brimming with larger-than-life love", pretty much how the fuck doesn't everyone know about this?

It's kinda like someone rolled a bit of Nightwish, a bit of Rush, and a bit of Sonata Arctica with some vintage-sounding radio rock-ishness for a cheesy, upbeat version of power metal which can only described as "diet power metal".

The album, Diamond in the Firepit will be released June 3rd here in the states.

There's a big broad range of music I like, and what I'm listening to at the moment usually depends on the mood I'm in. This song I picture wanting to listen to on a sunny summer afternoon driving around with the windows down when my gypsy/hippy side has control. Alternatively, if you sustain solely on uber-blackness and bloody ruthlessness, you probably will never be in the right mood for this. Oh well. Some of us like both night and day!

Frontman Pekka Anslo Heino said this of the upcoming release:

"We wouldn't be THIS thrilled if the new album hadn't turned out be exactly how we wanted it to be. It's just as bold, big, polished, hooky and sticky as we pictured it. A lot of hard work was spent making it happen, and now it's time for the best part of making music; taking it out and playing it live."

"We can't wait to meet our old friends again and hopefully make some new ones along the way."

"Hope you enjoy 'Diamond In The Firepit'. Thanks for still being there and sorry for the delay. Let's have some serious fun!"

Brother Firetribe also has two reissues upcoming sometime in April from Spinefarm Records, and they have a concert DVD out shot in 2009 with a featured guest appearance by Annette Olzon. (Meh. Show me Tarja and we'll talk.)

BROTHER FIRETRIBE - Diamond in the Firepit cover art

Track listing:

01. Intro
02. Love's Not Enough
03. Far Away From Love
04. For Better Or For Worse
05. Desperately
06. Edge Of Forever
07. Hanging By A Thread
08. Trail Of Tears
09. Winner Takes It All
10. Tired Of Dreaming
11. Reality Bites
12. Close To The Bone

Full article here.

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