Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Are Bert & Ernie Out Of The Closet?

Bert & Ernie 4ever?First of all, let me say vehemently that I have nothing against the LGBT community. I have many friends that are gay, lesbian, whatever... it doesn't bother me and it never will. To each their own, says I.

It's just that, upon watching Sesame Street with my almost 5 month old son, I started wondering whether they had finally embraced all the rumors that started years ago of Bert & Ernie representing a gay couple and just decided to go with it.

It was not because of slight subtleties like sharing a bedroom, helping each other sew or what have you. It was that their segment began with the two climbing into the same bed, Bert straddling Ernie from behind as the bed leaps into the air resembling a horse that the two are riding into the sky as they sing about "having adventures in bed".

It almost seemed like they didn't give a flying fuck about the rumors, and rather chose to embrace them than deny them. If so, that's totally awesome! If not, it sure seems like they want grown-ups to believe that the pair is a happy couple... although maybe a bit too many things could be construed as innuendos in their opening number? I suppose it's not like the kids notice anything. Way to be sneakily pro-LGBT, Sesame Street!

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