Friday, April 18, 2014

Amberian Dawn Premiers New Track With New Vocalist, Capri

Amberian Dawn will be releasing their new album, Magic Forest (Napalm Records), on July 8th. I am so fucking stoked!

AMBERIAN DAWN - Magic Forest

The band's songwriter, Tuomas Seppälä, has said of the album:

"I'm very glad about this new deal with Napalm Records. I'm sure that our cooperation will be successful and enjoyable. This label showed interest in us at the very beginning of our career so I feel very comfortable working with this great label today! Together with our booking agency/management Twisted Talent Concerts, we're surely going to make something happen here.

New album, 'Magic Forest', is AMBERIAN DAWN's first studio album with singer Capri. Now with her I've been able to fullfill some of my early dreams with musical styles and this new style is really big, fresh and naturally flowing. New sound is more keyboard-driven and the vocal lines have some strong influence of 1980s. But since this is AMBERIAN DAWN, there's, of course, also some fast songs included and some really serious guitar and keyboard shredding too. Mr. Jens Johansson of STRATOVARIUS once again contributed some really awesome playing in form of one keyboard solo. Thank you, Jens, you've been supporting us so many years now. This is also first time on AMBERIAN DAWN's history when we had an actual production team put together.

Thank you, Mikko P. Mustonen and Capri, for your awesome support and work. We really have an extraordinary good production team here.

We had so much fun in doing this album and you can really sense and hear the relaxed atmosphere we had on the process.

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