Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Alestorm Announces Release Date for New Album, Sunset on the Golden Age

This is just a day full of great news. Alestorm, awesome pirate metallers that toured with Epica and Insomnium a couple of years back announced today that their new album, Sunset on the Golden Age, will be released on August 5th in North America (August 4th in the UK)!

Just look at this track list. Pure fucking pirate metal.

2 - Drink
3 - Magnetic North
4 - 1741 (The Battle of Cartagena)
5 - Mead from Hell
6 - Surf Squid Warfare
7 - Quest for Ships
8 - Wooden Leg!
9 - Hangover
10 - Sunset on the Golden Age

According to Blabbermouth, vocalist/keytarist Christopher Bowes said of the album:

"Some of this stuff is catchiest pirate party anthems you've ever heard, with choruses that'll make you want to raise a pint of rum up high and sing your guts out. And for the fans of the epic stuff, we've got some songs that hit the 10-minute mark, with lyrical themes about historical events and crazy mythological madness. It's gonna rule!"

I can't wait. These guys were so fun to see live. Fingers crossed their album is followed by a tour with a bill as mind-blowingly good as the last one!

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